OT: Suzeeq or Squeez, what do you see first?

[color="#330099"]For a long time now I’ve had to keep correcting myself when I read your name.

I keep transposing the letters and I wonder if you knew that your member name anagrams into…


Isn’t that the plural form of the fan girl exclamation, “SQUEE!”

Was it Intentional? I didn’t think you were the “fan girl” type.

Anyway, I’m wondering if I wasn’t the only one who sees that anagram.


:roflhard: And no I don’t see that. I do read some peoples names wrong though and I often am confused about gender because of user names and avatars. :doh:

Nope, it’s a variation of suzieq that wasn’t already taken. It was taken on another board I belong to so I changed that spelling to soozeq. A friend of mine calls me suzieq, and others call me suzee. I prefer the ‘z’ to an ‘s’, just to be different…


actually I always see squeez too, it took me a while to figure out it was Suzie Q!!!

I always transpose the first and last letter in your name.

LOL, I do too. Sometimes i can’t remember which is which!

I am not a dog. :wink:

I always look before I leap…

I have never bungee jumped.

Please, don’t make me change my member name. :sad:

Oh, I know, I often “jump” off on tangents…

… and please don’t suggest

Actually, I have a dear, childhood friend I called Suzie Q so I got Suzeeq’s intention right away.

It is just when I’m not paying close attention that I first see the anagram.

I’m going to edit this thread title because I am sure it should get more views.[/COLOR]

Squee is also the name of a character in the comic book Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.He is a very traumatized kid who happens to see a lot of murders.They gave him his own spin off.

[COLOR=#330099]I’m going to edit this thread title because I am sure it should get more views.[/COLOR]

Gee thanks, Jack. Just what I want, more attention…

isnt that ted nugent?

isnt that ted nugent?


Yeah, what?!

For the record I see it as Suzee Q. :thumbsup:

Well far be it for me to miss a tangent on which to jump…

You probably are thinking of CCR but …

Earlier, “Suzie Q” was sung by [YOUTUBE=3vzBznukA60]Dale Hawkins[/YOUTUBE] (early rock’n roll even rock’abilly)

Later done by [YOUTUBE=1mxaA-bJ35s]CCR[/YOUTUBE].

We’ll just leave [YOUTUBE=49H0IfoILwQ]The Who[/YOUTUBE] out of it… :roflhard:

Hey, how did that happen?

Oh the song. Didn’t the Everly Brothers do a version too?

gotta love cowbell!

i was thinking of cat scratch fever… my older brother is in a fantastic cover band and they always say “lets do nuge!” but when they do suzie q the singer always tells my brother - the drummer - “give me that cowbell ben!”

oh and the girl who was pink ranger in the original power rangers plays suzie q in the movie :smiley: haha

I see it correctly. My mom’s name is Sue and her last name starts with a Q so she gets called Suzie Q/Sue Q all the time. (She also loves Suzie Q’s, the Hostess snacks too. They don’t make them in Iowa anymore so every once in a while, I’ll buy her a box at the outlet and take them to her.) I also know a girl named Suzee and that’s how it’s spelled. She’s a knitter too so I always picture her when I see SuzeeQ’s name pop up too even though I know it’s not her!

I can’t believe I had to read these posts before I got the Suzee Q!!!

I’ve just been mentally reading it “suzeek” all this time!

:doh: I must just have a lot of knitting on the brain!

Glad that little mystery’s cleared up!

Happy Knitting,
Ruthie :hug:

Hey, Jack baby!!! :woot:

Thanks for the music clips! I particularly love CCR (saw what’s left of them in a Credence Clearwater Revival a couple of years ago) and it was so neat to click and play!!!

You go, guy! :yay:


I always have read it as Suzy Q, but I loved the music:mrgreen: . I never realized there were that many versions of one song.