OT:Staying awake w/out caffeine

On Friday morning my Mom has to have a sleep deprived EEG. She is not allowed to sleep after Midnight Thursday night/Friday morning.
I am in desperate need of ideas of how to keep her awake without stimulants(caffiene, chocolate, etc.) since they can potentially mess with the results. She falls asleep very easily so I really can’t just rent a bunch of movies or something.
I am trying to get one of my siblings to come here and help but right now it is looking like it is going to be just me. I searched the web for ideas but all I found were drugs which are stimulants!

Any ideas will be very very appreciated!! Thanks!

When I want to stay awake, I get a cold drink and pick up the knitting needles and a very complicated pattern. Works like a charm every single time. Does your mom knit?

They say not to exercise before bedtime because it stimulates you, so some brisk walks, possibly? You could go to the mall and walk around and then go to a late movie? Or does she fall asleep in the movies? Play a board game, or do something interactive. I know that if I had to stay up all night, I’d just find a cool knitting project. :wink:

Knitting and a computer… that works wonders to make you sleep deprived!!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Sorry I can’t help you more than that! My problem is the exact opposite… I can’t sleep, and I need to! :shock:

Just a couple of suggestions:

Wipe face with cold, wet washcloth several times…as needed. Maybe even take a cold shower.

Play games at Pogo…Bingo, Free Cell, Solitaire, Squelchies (this one keeps you active).

That’s all I can think of right now. I’m sure there are other suggestions.

Good luck!

Stand up - that’s what we used to do in basic training when we started dozing off. :wink:

Good luck keeping her up.

You have to do this all by yourself? What if you fall asleep? Have any relative who live faaaar away in a time zone that wold work? Keep her talking to them? Walking, talking, cold showers and knitting. That’s my best guess. Good luck :thumbsup:

When we had to do sleep-deprived EEGs for my little brother, we’d take shifts staying up with him and keeping him entertained. Video game systems worked great for him, as did board games and other interactive stuff. Movies are definitely NOT a good idea. I’d get stuff that you have to really interact with, like fast-paced card games or stuff like that.

Good luck!

Who is driving your mom to her appointment? Can you find someone to do that for you? I worry that you’ll be up all night and then be on the road…

I work midnights, so I generally struggle with staying awake. If I find myself nodding off, getting out of my car and walking around seems to do it, so I think walks in the neighborhood would probably be good. Along with conversation, card games, etc.