OT: Snacks for a kindergarten class

My sons kindergarten graduation is coming up and of course I would have to volunteer myself to make some snacks. So I was wondering if anyone had any neat ideas for snacks for this age group. Thanks

Something I did for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop was to have them make berry bugs.

We took a strawberry and threaded that onto a toothpick, then put on a blueberry on top of the strawberry leaves. We used mini chocolate chips for the ladybug spots; the girls used the pointy end to stick those into the strawberries. I think that was the quietest meeting we ever had!

It’s probably too labor-intensive for you to make a whole bunch of them on your own, but it might work if the kids had an opportunity to make them themselves.

Another thing my scouts got a kick out of were making sun cupcakes. I made regular old cupcakes from a box mix and frosted them with yellow frosting. Then at the meeting, I let the kids have several different types of candy to make a face on their sun with, and they stuck skinny stick pretzels in around the edge to make sun rays.

Something cute I’ve seen are called “candy apple cookies”…they look like tiny caramel apples but really made with cookie dough, baked, and then dipped in caramel. I think if you google it, you should be able to find a recipe.

Unless you were thinking of a more healthy snack. :wink:

The time I sent in carrots, celery and cukes to dip in ranch dressing was a huge, surprise hit.

Melon balls are a favorite, too.

What about fruit dipped in strawberry yogurt (pineapple, apple slices, strawberries, etc.)?

If you’re feeling adventurous…
Make your own ice cream sundaes! We had A LOT of parent helpers in my son’s class. One parent distributed those little ice cream cups, another followed with whipped cream, another with sprinkles, etc. The key to sanity was to keep the kids in the seated and the parents moved around.

Just about anything you put on those fancy toothpicks are a hit with this age. Cheese cubes, turkey, cocktail hot dogs, fruit, veggies, etc.

Finger sandwiches or sandwiches cut with a cookie cutter. Ham and turkey, cucumber and cream cheese, cream cheese and jelly, pb&J–if there are no peanut allergies

If you can eat outside, popscicles are easy. Just make sure you only get one flavor or enough of a variety that you don’t have whining (or worse yet, a mutiny!)

kids seem to love that new gogurt stuff if you want something healthy but don’t want to put the time into making something…I sent it to my daughter’s school for their Easter party and the kids really ate it up!

When my kids were small, I used to make “turtles on a log”. You cut lengths of celery sticks about 3" long, fill them with peanut butter, and stick raisins in the peanut butter. You can also fill them with cream cheese, or pineapple cream cheese.

Cute–this was my first thought too but we used to call them ants on a log (probably better for little boys!!)

I made fruit kabobs for one of my kids classes one year. I just got bamboo skewers, and put chunks of melon, pineapple, grapes, etc on them- I did snap the points off after threading the fruit on, so that I wasn’t providing the class with weapons along with their snack!!

Cute–this was my first thought too but we used to call them ants on a log (probably better for little boys!!)[/quote]

Duh! I KNEW “turtles” didn’t sound right. :doh: We also called them “Ants on a log”. :mrgreen:

Those are some great ideas. The only think I can’t bring is any kind of nut, and it has to be able to sit on a table without melting because it is being held outside and could be fairly hot that day.

The veggies/fruit and dip and kabobs sound perfect, albeit a little time consuming to prepare. I would defintely want some kind of little plate, bowl, cup so those re-dippers wouldn’t contaminate the whole dish.

I took my DD’s scout troop to a tasting offered by our local grocery store. Even avowed veggie/fruit haters warmed up to some of the more unusual offerings (star fruit, chinese pears, kiwi, zucchini) when cut up and nicely offered with a dip.