OT: Six Feet Under is over! :crying:

I am so sad this show end. I love it! It is my favorite show, or should I say, was. Wow, the last one was great too! Too many good shows ending. I am a tv hound… what will I watch now? Will and Grace is done after this season too. :frowning:

I don’t get HBO, but I’ve watched Six Feet Under on video–the first two seasons, anyway. I can’t find the rest for rent, but it’ll be on my gift list. I always have the TV on, too–something to listen to while I knit in the evenings, mostly. My current favorite is Medium with Patricia Arquette. That’s one that I won’t miss. As for the rest, eh.

The Amazing Race is about to start up again! :thumbsup: I didn’t get hooked until the end of season 5…it really is great, sorta mindless TV…but not trashy like a lot of reality TV…perfect for knitting! :smiley:

i have only discovered the joys of the amazing race in the last season or so myself. i think i fell in love with it cuz it reminds me some of “The Mole.” That was about the smartest “reality” game show that was made…well until they started in on celebrity mole. luvvvv it!

I am so sad SFU is over too. Love the way it ended though. THat was perfect. Love that show medium too. I don’t need to be addicted to anything else tho. :rollseyes:

I like Medium, too! Although Im getting a little bit tired of her husband doubting her abilities on almost EVERY show. :rollseyes:

Even more, I LOVE “HOUSE”!!!

i like medium a lot too and i appreciate the fact that her husband doesn’t seem to freaked out by her abilities (though i agree about your assessment Kelly!) i am a little annoyed by Patricia Arquette’s voice sometimes though :rollseyes:

I also love Grey’s Anatomy…but i think that is mostly because i have a Patrick Dempsey problem…lol

I think one of the main reasons I like Medium is that I have yet so see Patricia Arquette in a tank top with cleavage (ala CSI women) to go to work. She wears what real people would wear and has sensible shoes.

Also, her house isn’t a palace that’s always spotless, she and hubby get annoyed with each other, the kids aren’t perfect and there’s a bit of chaos in the mornings.

Oh–and the ESP/mystery thing, too. :smiley:

lol…those are all very good points Ingrid.

ooooh and The West Wing…aaaah a happy world for an hour a week (two if i can stay up late enough to watch it on saturday nights too!)…would that Jed Bartlett could run for president! :wink:

Medium is awesome! Definitely one of my favorite shows - DH didn’t want to watch it, but a couple of shows and he got hooked, too.
I also like House, but it was on opposite another program that i usually watch, and I didn’t get to see much of it - I’ve been trying to catch it in reruns over the summer…
I’m not much of a reality TV person, but DH and I have been watching ‘Rock Star: INXS’… It’s just like American Idol, except it’s better, IMHO - I get irritated with that show because Simon is mean to everyone and they try to ‘make over’ the contestants instead of just letting them be who they are…
I really wanted to watch Six Feet Under, I thought the concept was interesting and was curious how they’d work with it, but we don’t get HBO…I’m waiting until all the seasons are on DVD and then I’m going to zone out for about a week in front of the TV…Out of curiousity, why is it over?
We love the ‘off season’ because The Dead Zone is on :cheering:
I recently started watching The 4400, too - kind of Xfiles meets Law & Order.
[size=2] btw, I cannot believe how hot Anthony Michael Hall is!!! What a change from Pretty in Pink and the Breakfast Club!! But don’t tell DH - he thinks I like that show cuz I’m a Stephen King fan!! :shifty: [/size]

I like Strong Medicine on on Lifetime.

And for those of you who like Amazing Race and have a sattelite, the Game Show Network is showing the reruns of it every night. They are in season three now. It’s almost like watching it brand new because I can’t remember who won the first time it was on!!! Also, OLN is showing Survivor. Right now it’s the second season that was in the Australian Outback.

Showtime has a new show called Weeds…one of the main characters knits!

We are stuck on HGTV shows though…that and the Extreme Makeover show for houses.


And here I thought the point of the show was that she sold pot!

The main actress in the show does sell marijuana…it’s the woman playing the supporting actress that is the knitter…it’s quite an amusing show.




ANd I’m so sad SFU went off :blush: ! I know sometimes the story bogged down but the characters were funny and interesting…and I was going to marry Nate in my next life!!
I did like the ending , too! If NATE had to die, darnit–everybody goes!! :cheering:

Six Feet Under ended because the writers thought they had done what they wanted to with the characters and did not want to draw out the show… just go out on top with a good ending to a good story. While I am sad it is done, I think they made a good choice.

I also like Grey’s Anatomy. I agree, Patrick Dempsey is yummy to look at! :smiley: