OT: Scented yarn, you might want to check this out

I purchased a lot of Christmas Tree skeins and a skein of Very Cherry - this is just VERY cool!


Huh. That is pretty cool! I wonder if the scent washes out… and how it was put in there in the first place. :??


Ohhhh some of those scents sound yummy…


Jan - I don’t know how she does it - but its really neat. Its not an overpowering scent fresh out of the package…

I just can’t decide what to make with mine… and picking just 2 scents was SO HARD…

I was really :?? for awhile.

Scented Yarn

Eeeeehehehehe. I want! I want! I want! I can justify buying this though. :rollseyes: I just bought 3 skeins of Noro 2 days ago! :happydance:

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"I can justify buying this though. I just bought 3 skeins of Noro 2 days ago! "

You probably meant “can’t” - but you’re halfway talked into trying it giggle

Banana can’t be good. :rollseyes:

I don’t like banana scented anything so I gotta agree with you there! :roflhard:

No bannana here I like them but the smell ummm… no LOL let us know how long the scent lasts what you think of it after you knitted something with it I like the idea :happydance:

:?? wow scented yarn.

What the heck would one do with it :XX:

Scented yarn would make these even more realistic!! :rofling:

That’s true!!!

But what would you use for the carrot? :?? :shock:

Maybe she could do carrot ? Who knows!?! :shock:

Make a pumpkin-scented carrot and confuse everyone.

But has anything, ever, been scented to smell like carrot?? :?? I’ve never run into it! :rofling:

I know there are carrot cake candles is that close enough?

Aaah, but does carrot cake EVER smell like carrot? I don’t think it would be as popular if it did! :rofling:

True… Hmm…

now I"m hungry for carrot cake… :rollseyes:

I read the about me page and it seems like she’s using already dyed and skeined yarns and adding scent to them? A couple of them look REALLY close to Homespun and Divine, and the ones that look like Homespun are sold in exactly half the yardage as one storebought skein. Does anyone know? I’m only a little bit yarn snob, I just like to know what I’m buying. :wink: I am fortunate to have a little herb store locally that sells an enormous array of scented oils and aromatherapy products, and I think I might just have to try this myself anyway. Totally cool idea!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

but you might drop her an email and ask? Can’t hurt to ask, I guess 8)