[OT] San Antonio, TX

My hubby has a meeting at the end of Sept in San Antonio. I am going with & we are going to stay there a few or more days after to celebrate our 10th anniv. We are looking for suggestions on a romantic :heart: hotel in the area for after the meetings are over. His meetings are always in the business Hotels & not very coupley. And, most importantly I will be needing to know where the good LYS’s are in the area.

THE MENGER!!! it is my favorite hotel i have ever stayed in. beautiful and really well located (seriously steps from the Alamo.)

they look like htey have redone their home page so it isn’t very pretty anymore but you can see what their lobby and all that look like on there. i think it is absolutely gorgeous and has some great history too.

thanks, I will check it out

The Yarn Barn of San Antonio at 4300 McCullough 210 8263679 is a great LYS. :thumbsup: :XX:

lmao…my eyebrow went up as i started reading that cuz i wasn’t sure if here hubby was gonna agree to spending the night there…lol :roflhard: :roflhard:

You are too funny.
Who needs the hubby when you have all that yarn? :heart: