OT Rotten Mail Service

Okay, I love my mailman…usually. But, once in a while, he does something stupid. Like today, when my package was left in a ditch. Man!

I went out to get the mail, and immediately realized that a package for me was left in the ditch…a WET ditch! Bummer… :evil:


I went back in the house, grabbed a mop, and my digital camera, then went back out to document the whole incident. :mad:

The photos show me walking to the end of my driveway (pardon the uncut grass - my hubby was exhausted this weekend and couldn’t mow), then they show my mailbox, and the package lying in the ditch beside it. It doesn’t look that bad in the photo, but it’s BAD. The ditch is about 8 feet deep, and there is no easy way to get down in there. Lots of weeds and water. Yuck!

I ended up having to scoot the package around with my mop, then was finally able to crouch down and grab the corner of it. The edges of the package got all muddy. Blech! :frowning:

On the way back to my house, my neighbor’s dog came to walk with me, running circles around me the whole time. He KNOWS not to jump on me, because I showed him who’s boss one day by telling him “NO!” in a very firm voice. (My husband was impressed when that happened, because the dog was jumping all over him at the time.) :wink:

When I opened the package, I was relieved to see that the contents were not damaged. Thank God. It was my embroidery kit for the “Holy Nativity”. I plan on making this as a Christmas project. I’m so glad it wasn’t ruined by my stupid mailman.

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you mail carrier would do that! Although, I have to say that I have noticed that the service from the USPS has gotten steadily worse in recent years. :rollseyes:

I’m glad nothing was damaged!!!

That’s awful! Thank goodness it wasn’t damaged! I would complain to someone!!

That is awful! I too hope you call! I’d ordered 8x10 photos once and they came in a cardboard mailer which my mail carrier BENT (8x10 envelopes fit flat in our mail box). I was on that phone so fast! I’m glad nothing was damaged!

Looks like your ditch is pretty close to your mailbox. Really hard to believe that the mailman purposely tossed it in there, and if that were the case, I’d be standing out there tomorrow morning, to have a chat with him about it.
How about securing a plastic box, preferrably with a lid, you know the cheap kind you can pick up anywhere to your mailbox base with a few long nails? Even if you used one without a lid, (poke a few holes in it for rain) it would be alot easier if the mailman had a ‘targeted’ spot to put your packages.
I read an article recently where a woman sued the postal service for tripping over a package he put on her front porch. mymy.
I was laughing about your neighbor dog. :smiley:

I am trying to picture how the mailman did that. Was he on a bike? If he was on foot, then why would he walked passed your mailbox, and dropped it in the ditch? Wasn’t it more convenient for him to just open the mailbox to drop it in there? Was there any other items in the mailbox? If there were, then it is not likely that he put some items in the mailbox, and threw the package in the wet ditch. You said you love your mailman, so he must be a decent mail carrier at all other times, correct? I am just trying to think of all possibilities for the package ended up in the ditch.

Thanks for your sympathy everyone! I was SOOOOOO mad.

My mailman is usually very good about bringing packages to my door, but sometimes he puts it beside the post if he’s in a hurry. (I guess that’s the reason.)

Hey! Maybe it’s not the mailman’s fault at all. Maybe that DOG did it!

That dog is pretty big. He’s a black labrador, and he LOVES the water in my ditch.

I think I’ll leave a note to the mailman to please bring packages to the door. I’ll tell him that the neighbor’s dog is knocking them over into the ditch if they aren’t in the box.

Sorry about the mishap…I’m sure happy the package was okay :smiley:

That’s awful!! We have a terrible mailman too. There are some days that he won’t even deliver mail to us. He’ll go 2 days and trust me, there is always junk in our mail. 2 days without junk?? Or a bill, I don’t think so. He just doesn’t like to walk up the hill to our house. (Its a big hill)

And one time we had a particularly big mail day and you should have seen how he jammed it in there!! I was so mad. My magazine was just in shambles. I ended up calling the post office to complain. There was no excuse for that nonsense. Tsk tsk.

Could be it wasn’t your regular carrier…a PTF (new temp) - this is the season for them. They frequently mess up although that isn’t any excuse for the package being left in a ditch that way. Postal Service usually leaves our packages at our front door, too.

That is so well I was going to say funny but it’s not! It’s just kinda funny though, you know. Not the part about retrieving it! Was it windy? It had to get knocked down there somehow else, what a mystery.

my husband worked for USPS for over a year, and the rule is: if you can;t fit it in the mailbox, you take it to the door. you should call and complain.

You’re right. My DH worked for USPS for 20 years…just retired in January. Looks like the wind may have blown it into the ditch, though…still no excuse for not taking it to the door.

That’s awful! Thank goodness your kit wasn’t damaged. Luckily, my mail guy is pretty good, although I do have do protect him from my “scary” watchdogs.

I’ll be going to the post office on Friday, so I’ll tell them about it then. My husband and I both have a cold now, so I’ve been stuck in the house. I had to cancel lessons today because I didn’t want my students to catch it.

I hate losing money when I have to cancel lessons. What a pain! :evil: