OT: returns at Joann's

so I have some yarn I would like to return and I was wondering if you can return items bought at Joann’s to any Joann’s location or if it has to be the one it was purchased at? I tried looking on their website about the return policy but it only talks about online orders. any one know?

Not from experience, but I would expect you can return it to any Joanns, as long as you have the receipt.

I know I’ve done that at Walmart - bought something at one store and then returned it at another. Since Joann’s is just another “big box” store, I would expect the same there.

that’s kinda what i was figuring but you just never know

They have a 1 company, 1 voice policy. Shouldn’t be a problem.
I used to travel for work & had to return in different states. They sometimes get a little snotty but if it’s in the 30 days (or whatever their current time allowance is) it should be OK. Policy should be in light print on back of the receipt

ok well i returned the items last night no problem plus as a bonus kinda i got it back in cash even though i paid with a debit/credit card…always nice to have cash in hand which i promptly turned around and spent…lol

you can return without a receipt at joann’s for store credit, but not all are the same.

Some of their stores won’t take certain yarn based on a “we don’t carry that one” and will severely discount the yarn you do return from what you paid for it while others will give you closer to what you paid… such as the larger joanns stores.

Glad you were able to return stuff without any problem. My local Joann’s is a nightmare - the staff are rude, slow and know nothing about sewing or any other craft. It’s on the way home from work and hubby won’t let me stop anymore b/c they frustrate him so bad. Luckily I have a super LYS so I can knit, but my sewing machine hasn’t seen me in months and months…