OT - Project Runway

Is anybody going to be watching Season 3? I know I am! I love Project Runway. Is there anything better than high-strung fashion designers who lose their cool?

raises hand I’m totally gonna watch Project Runway this season. I’ve been a diehard fan since season 1… I have to admit though, the people on this season are gonna have to be a lot less annoying for me to start liking them, they have big shoes to fill. No one can come close to Andrae, Santino or Jay… its sad that they’re not on the show anymore!

Oh, and supposedly whoever gets kicked off the show did something beyond horrible… who do you think it is? (I know its too early to predict anything but its fun, lol) I think its the Santino wannabe w/ the tattoos everywhere…

I don’t know what it was, but I bet it either violated somebody else’s work or it was something sexual. Either way I’m just hoping that whoever the victim(s) is/are that they are okay.

I like the Robert guy so far. But I also think he’s cute and dateable, so take that as you will! lol! I don’t like the Milan fellow. He’s…so GD hoity-toity! “I was very irritated that we would be using bed linens and curtains. I prefer fabrics…of a higher quality.” He was just so effing pretentious. Like “Oh god, I didn’t realize I’d be with such lowbrows.” BAH HUMBUG, MILAN, MAY YOU BE ELIMINATED!

I hadn’t planned on it, but I’ll probably get sucked in part-way through when they have one of those days where they run all the episodes back to back on a rainy day. That’s what happened to me before, but I think it was the first season. I think I only saw a couple shows of the last one.

I’ve been sucked in Project Runway since Season 1 - There is no personality better than Jay! He was the funniest guy ever! I dont know if you saw that special they did on him, I havent laughed harder! :roflhard:

This past season - I loved Andre - but my favorite designer was Daniel V - I cant believe he didnt win. When Chloe won - I screamed as someone put a splinter under my fingernail - NNNOOOOO!!! Then 5 minutes later, I was over it! I still wanted Daniel to win though!

It just amazes me how they make these beautiful things so quickly. I dont even OWN a sewing machine!

I had to TIVO it (thought I did see the ending with the runway) but did they say what the end is? It’s usually NY Fashion Week because they ran the 1st two in the fall. What are they doing for this one as the big finale show?

Most reality shows annoy the heck out of me, but DH and I have been fans of PR since season one. He calls it “your show” (your meaning mine) but I think he’s even more into it than I am. Funny thing is, I think I’m more interested in the designs but he’s more interested in the personalities. A lot of times I wish I could just fast-forward to runway show and skip the other stuff.

Of course, DH makes me watch the whole thing. I vote for Malan guy for this year’s Santino/Wendy (the one you love to hate). As DH put it, he’s just “creepy.” I was disappointed that his design wasn’t bad because I really wanted him to be humiliated and booted off. Oh well.

I thought Keith’s dress (the one who won) looked very well put together, but I didn’t want him to win because of his arrogance. I have to admit that I was impressed that it was the first dress he ever designed. When he showed up to the interview with only men’s wear I really wanted them to tell him thanks but no thanks. The gall!

I thought Robert’s dress was really cute (and much more original than Robert’s) and I wanted him to win. Maybe next time.

I was thinking it would be cool if a knitwear designer could be on the show, but I suppose that the time constraints would keep it from being feasible. Too bad.

Oh well. Carry on…

I think Jay said he was showing the fall, which makes me think there’s another one in the fall when they show the spring collections.

Yeah, Daniel V was my favorite too because not only was he super talented, but he was actually nice. (And cute, too!)

raises hand I’m a Project Runway junkie. I’ve seen season 1 and 2, three times each thanks to PR marathons.

I love Daniel Vosovic too. Thought he was super talented, cool, sweet, not big headed and soooo soooo cute. :heart:
Oh, and I HATED Santino from day one, and still do. UGH.

This season, faves so far are Laura, Michael and Keith.
I will dance a little jig of glee when Malan gets the boot.

I’m SO glad I wasn’t the only one to hate Santino! Everyone at my school LOVED him for his designs and I just kept saying “BUT HE’S SUCH A C*CK!”

My faves so far are Robert Best, Laura Bennett, (loved her “slippery-slope” quote!) and Keith Michael. That Vincent guy is getting on my nerves. He’s like…the dirty 50 year old in the 21-and-older club, you know?

I admit that Vincent seems pathetic in some ways, but I’m sorta rooting for him (maybe not to win, but to at least get back to a successful designing career) because I have a soft spot for underdogs. I respect his courage to go back into fashion after so long. Cashing in his 401(k) was a big risk. And I don’t think age is a big deal. I’m 35 so maybe I’m biased, but I hate to think I couldn’t start a different career if I found something I really wanted to do. If Grandma Moses had that attitude, she never would’ve started painting.

Haha, am I the only Santino- lover here? He may have been rude and mean and horrible, and I didnt agree with what he’d do all the time, but in the end I liked him… I wanted Daniel to win, though! Chloe was too annoying. (lol I get annoyed with people verrry fast)

This is fun! I’m glad I’m not the only PR fan here.

“Tim Gunn, Tim Gunn, if he calls you’re name you’re done… What happened to Andrae?” (haha…)

Ooooh, i loves me my Project Runway!!

My mother and i are TOTAL junkies. In fact, i got a speeding ticket in February racing home to watch it (it was the the flower-dress episode). :oops: (it took a lot to admit that!)

I’ve seen 'em all, numerous times and have been eagerly awaiting this season (which i was surprised they had!)

I’m with most of you - Santino was a complete ass!! They botched the two times they should have truly gotten rid of him - 1.) the lingerie episode (i mean, come on!!!) and 2.) the Sasha Cohn skating outfit. Both were horrific jokes!

I also agree that this season’s Laura, Robert and Keith are interesting! I loved Robert’s dress - so chic and interesting. The blue one looked like something Kara Janx would have pulled together last season… seen it before, thanks! BUT, for a first time garmet, it was nice.

Bring on the next episode - can’t wait!!

I am into Project Runway also! Somehow I started watching Season 1 and after that I was hooked. I can’t sew at all and I just :heart: watching them make something out of nothing.

I liked Santino from Season 2. Yes, he was an ass and I probably would have knocked him over the head with my sewing machine if I were stuck in that room with him, but at least his designs were interesting. Chloe and Dan…eh. They had nice stuff, but I want to see something different.

If Malan is suppose to be the “bad guy” this season, at least it looks like he can actually produce, unlike S1_Pepper.

Pepper. My god. Inconsistent, at her best she was mediocre, and wtfutz was up with that sheer top in her final collection?

I :heart: project runway!! I’m not sure who my favorite is yet- I want to give it another week or so to see what they really do. But I have to ask what was up with the baaket hat? I mean thank gawd that didn’t go over well because I don’t think I could stomach seeing people wear baskets on their heads!

I don’t know. The guy…Frankly, he seems like he’s off his rocker and TOTALLY making it up as he goes along. I mean, he’s brave and all, but I just don’t know if his sense of style is appropriate for the show. He seems to come from a day when wacky shit like that was considered interesting, not lame.

If I was married to him and he cashed out his 401k to “make it” in fashion and then I found out he was producing crap like that- I’d flip my lid!
He’s a total maroon!

Yes, Pepper was a complete freak! If stupid Nancy O’Dell hadn’t liked her ridiculous outfit (which she ended up changing anyway), then Austin would have had a real shot. I hate seeing her at those “where are they now” segments. She always seems so smug. I felt bad for her daughter. Was it any surprise that her husband left her?

I was shocked that Vincent was married. Can you imagine what his wife must be like? And he has a daughter! Anyway, I’d like to know how much is 401(k) was really worth. If he spent the 80s running his own company that folded, then he probably hadn’t started investing in it until at least the 90s. The market hasn’t been that great lately. Plus, he would have to pay taxes on it.

AidanM - glad you started this thread! :cheering:

Gotta say I LOVE Project Runway, too!! Some of it is so bogus, but it’s hilarious too. Heidi is sooo beautiful, but GOSH!! She is SOOOO pretentious sometimes—still, it must feel great for her to be able to say, “-------, you ah out!!”

Another Bravo favorite of mine is Blow Out–that jonathon whateverhislastnameis is SUCH a drama-macho-queen!!! To pretend that it isn’t mostly scripted is just absurd!! Still, it’s like a bad accident–I can’t tear my eyes away!! If he has another season–I won’t be able to NOT watch it! :smiley: