OT: Please send good wishes for DH

He and his best friend left this morning on their motorcycles for a 1700 mile, 2 day ride. They’ll be going up the east coast of GA, through SC, NC, and Viginia before coming back down through Tenn, Atlanta and back home to FL.

This is just for “fun”.

Yes, they’re crazy. But your good wishes would be very, very appreciated. I’m a worry wart, and that’s a lot of miles on a bike. Thank you! :heart:

that’s a lotta miles in a CAR in that amount of time. i would think they will be good and sore after that ride. Will think good thoughts that they get back to you safe!

Oooh that does sound like fun! Good wishes :thumbsup:


Best of luck to your dh & friend - that IS a lot of miles for a 2 day trip!
Hopefully he’ll keep you posted by cell phone as to where he is. Try not to worry TOO much. Are they camping or visiting friends for the overnight?


While this isn’t an official ride, they’re both Iron Butt members. On their last “official” ride, they rode 1000 miles in under 24 hours. This one is just for fun because DH wants to ride in the mountains, and they both had these two days off work, so DH batted his eyelashes at me and I let him go. :wink:

They’ll spend most of the next 48 on the road. They will be staying in a hotel in Virginia (I think) tonight, but will be back on the road early in the morning. The three of us have Nextel phones with direct connect, and DH beeps me at every stop. They both smoke, so between smoke breaks, food stops and gas fill ups, there will be lots of stops. LOL

He took my camera with him. I expect lots of pics when he gets back. :slight_smile:

I’m sending him good wishes Silver:) He may be coming this direction because alot of motorcyclist love the scenic views down Highway 52 around Pilot Mountain, NC…it is beautiful; however, I think I’d rather view it from a car than a motorcycle :wink: My oldest brother has a Goldwing and he and my SIL travel everywhere on it. He will be fine and I’m sure he’ll bring back some beautiful pics.


HEY–best wishes and much safety to your DH and his friend!! I am sure they’ll have a great time, but it is HOT in Virginia, I’ll tell you. :wall: I imagine they’re going to be in the mountains though, and that’ll be much cooler than where I am! I guess he’s too macho to carry sunblock!! :wink:

aw. he’ll be fine. best wishes and happy thoughts.

I will pray for you, dh & friend and send out best wishes for lots of fun and…oh my… :waving: there they go through coastal GA!!
Try not to worry to much as your :heart: is out having fun on his bike, so, girl… :XX: :XX: :XX: !!!

Wow… what a gorgeous ride that will be!!!

I love the Great Smokey/Blue Ridge Mtns… I spent a few weekends there in May/June - just beautiful!! If i could live there, i would! (Lots of spinners, crafters, artisans - next time I’d go with him, Silver! ;))

Best wishes for a safe ride! :slight_smile:


P.S. It’s bloody HOT here in NC too!!! It’s been in the 90’s daily (but i’m sure they’re used to that being from Florida!)

Shopping for yarn is said to be the best cure for worry warts. Other cures include knitting, and chocolate.

:roflhard: I was just thinking “boy, wouldn’t your butt get sore” as I was reading about the ride…then I scrolled down and saw “iron butt” members. :slight_smile: How many miles do you have to ride before you get iron buns??

[color=red]He just beeped me… they’re at the first exit on I-95 just inside South Carolina. [/color]I have their whole route mapped out. :slight_smile:

As far as the heat goes, I doubt they’ll hit anything hotter than what we have at home. It’s currently 93 here. He’s not wearing sunblock… it’s a mute point with all the gear he’s wearing. He’s a safe rider, and will sweat before risking a bad case of road rash. He’s wearing riding boots, jeans, a t-shirt, a mesh motorcycle jacket (with shoulder, elbow, chest, neck and back armor), and his helmet. If he gets too hot, he’ll take off the t-shirt, but he’ll still wear the jacket. Besides, 60-80 mph winds in your face is rather cooling! I know… I ride with him frequently. So long as they’re moving, they’ll be fine.

The shortest ride for Iron Butt status is the 1000 mile ride in 24 hours, which is appropriatly called “SaddleSore”. It’s a completely documented ride, with witnesses at the starting and ending points. The two of them did that a while ago, but went south towards Miami instead. You wouldn’t believe some of the Iron Butt rides… like the “50 CC” which is riding coast to coast in 50 hours! Or even more crazy, the “48-10”… ride through all 48 states in 10 days. :shock:

As far as me going with him… uh, no thanks. I’d want to stop and sightsee, they just want to ride. We have really nice seats on the bike, but I’d still get antsy and be whining to stop all the time. They don’t WANT the wives with them! LOL

i wonder if my brother has heard about this…it sounds like something he would love, though my S-i-l would be the same way as you i think. the only thing i wish is that we could get him to wear a helmet. he is 37 and still thinks it could never happen to him.

That’s one thing I’m VERY happy about, that DH does wear his helmet, even though there’s no helmet law in Florida. He has crashed before, and was wearing full gear. He scraped up his knee, that was it. THIS is what happened to his bike. He knows what could happen, and he has a wife and 2 kids to consider. :heart:

Here’s his current bike.

Thank goodness he wears all that gear! I would still worry all the time.

Oh I do! Everytime he rides off…

:heart: Praying for his safety, best wishes!

Thank you EVERYONE for the good wishes and prayers!! I LOVE YOU KNITTERS!! :heart:

FYI, DH just beeped me about 15 minutes ago. They’re in Rockingham, NC. He asked if I could wish some cool air their way.

I said no. If I get any, I’m keeping it for myself. LOL

lol…that’ll learn him!