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[color=blue]I am thinking :thinking: about setting up a Paypal account on e-bay. For those of you that use Paypal, could you tell me if it works well for you? Sort of Pros and Cons? Thanks so much! anne[/color]

My husband has a Paypal account and has had no problems with it at all. My only complaint, and it’s a minor one, is that there can be only one account per email address. The only reason it’s a problem is that since it’s his account, he’ll know when I buy yarn through it! :rofling:

We use it all the time to but stuff especially from eBay. The only time I don’t particularly care for it is when i’m a seller and they take their cut from the total selling price. But I eventually get over that too.

mmmm Christmas might be an issue lol [/color]

I love PayPal… I’ve been using it for quite awhile.

My only complaint (not PayPal realated), is that some sellers won’t accept PayPal. They claim to have had some negative experiences. They never gave me any details.

[size=7]LOVE IT[/size] There are also online stores that I use paypal with …www.simplysockyarn.com www.overstock.com and the list goes on… :heart: :heart: it!!

[color=blue]Ok… I did it! One more step into the 21st century lol. I love technology but am always behind in taking part lol. :rollseyes: [/color]

33 more minutes “gulp” on e-bay

i get mad everytime i fail to notice someone doesn’t accept paypal and then win an auction. here are the thing that i consider to be HUGE bonuses with paypal…“paper” trail, when you send a check or money order through the mail you have to wait for it to get there and they can always say they never got it if it is a money order. If you send a check you usually have to wait an additional 10 days AFTER they get it for the item to clear. The whole process is quicker and you don’t have to send out any actual account information to random sellers out there on the net. you can chose if you want it to come directly out of your account or a credit card.

i am a paypal fan…never have had any issues with it at all. I do know there are some people who have separate checking accounts just for paypal purchases so their primary account isn’t tied to it. i think that is a good plan but i am lazy so i have never done it. I am also freakishly careful about which auctions i will bid on. Wunderland is the only one i have EVER bid on that had a rating so low (as far as the count goes, not the percentage) and i did a very small order with him the first time to make sure my loss would be minimal if this wasn’t the wunderland people had spoken of before. I never bid on anything less than 98% positive and often not below 99% depending on what the feedback says. and i do read all the feed back (okay not on the ones that are megastores cuz i have more things to do than that but ya know what i mean) to see if i am comfortable with buying from them. AND i check their auctions pretty thoroughly (most of the time)

sssssssoooo…all that being said…i would say that if you are comfortable with what you see from the seller then paypal should be fine! :thumbsup:

oh heck…all that chat chatty chattering and you already got it done…lol

btw…i NEVER pay until i hear from the seller. The only time i have ever had nail biting experiences is when i got all excited about winning and paid as soon as it was over and had to wait forEVER to hear from them! It always ended up okay but i always just feel better if i hear from them first…even if it is just the receipt that they send automatically through ebay/paypal

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the theme from Final Jeopardy

[color=blue]Dummm Deee Dummm Dummmm… Dummm Deee Dummmm Dummmm Dummmm “gulp” lol I am suppose to be working here too! Work is so overrated though Don’t ya think?[/color]


I second that! About work. :roflhard:

And also about Paypal! :heart: it. I use it for CD orders on this site, and it’s been fabulous and reliable.

[color=blue]I WON! :cheering: I WON! OH OH, I won :shock: … LOL $49.00. I think that is a good price… :thinking: is that a good price for bamboo interchangable needles? Kinda late to ask that now isn’t it?[/color]

hahahaa, exactly!
! that’s why I got my own savings account! :smiley:

I use the credit card that’s in my name only. Supposedly so I’ll have my own independent credit rating. :—

The only thing I REALLY dont like about PayPal is that they now REQUIRE your bank account info to verify your account & life any restrictions. If you choose not to verify your account, you have an account spending cap of $2,000. This bothers me. A credit card used to be sufficient, and I dont see the reason that the policy shouldnt continue. Honestly, our credit card limit is higher than the amt that is EVER in our bank account!Credit cards have protective measures in place…bank accounts, not so much.

That said, I do have a PP account, and when my $2Gs have been spent (the last time that took a couple of years), I close the account, wait a couple of months and open a new one with a new $2G limit.