OT: Paperback Swap

Does anyone have any experience with the Paper Back Swap website??? It sounds fun, but a bit too pyrimidish and too good to be true, kinda of. :??

i hadn’t heard of it before, but it does sound interesting. I have to do a bit more looking on the page, but i’m not sure if i would be allowed to join, being os and all… :shrug:

I like Paperbackswap but honestly i prefer Bookmooch more. They both are great if you have books you want to get rid of and are patient in waiting for books you are looking for. I signed up for both in November and I have gotten about 68 books total from both sites, while getting rid of alot of books i had hanging around here. Try it out, its fun to trade books with other people :slight_smile:


I had never heard of these sites before. They both sound neat! Another one I like is Bookcrossing. The concept is a bit different, but it’s still a cool idea!

I’ve been using Paperback Swap. It’s really a pretty easy system, just list your books, request books, and send books. A couple of things I would suggest though…

  1. Don’t list books that are heavy because it costs too much to send (learned that the hard way!)
  2. Set your vacation setting if you are going to be away or just too busy to mail.
  3. Make sure that you have books on your request list, even books that are not currently available.
  4. Don’t be surprised if you need to ship a few books just after you list.
  5. Keep plenty of packing tape around! I also wrap the book in a plastic bag or plastic wrap before I use the wrapper that you print from their website.

I’ve always recieved the books that I requested in reasonable condition. You’re not going to be able to find the current NYT Bestsellers, but if you put an item on your request list, chances are in the next few months, it will come available. The one big bummer is that knitting books are hard to come by :frowning:

I haven’t heard of BookMooch though. Maybe a new site to check out. :happydance:

I love bookmooch. Patience is the key, though. Sometimes it can take a long while for a book you want to become available, if ever. But if you’re willing to wait, you can get some really nice books.

I think I have heard of it but never signed up or anything.

Have you seen www.bookcrossing.com? People leave books for other to find and you do the same. The site explains everything. They have forums and I have exchanged books with people through there successfully. Unfortunately not all users are reliable but in my experience most are. It has gotten very big.

I use paperbackswap.com and love it. We get lots of books off there. I’ve even found series of books that started bck in the 1990’s that I would of never found around here. So it’s definitely been good to me and realitively easy to do!


we should start our own knitting book swap. those other sites have nothing for us.

What about a yarn swap?

Mason, my you are well on your way… you already have yarn to swap!! :shock:

Well, not really. I do have some I have picked up, but much more I want LOL

sheesh… tell us all about it :pout:

I’d be all for a book swap…or a yarn swap for that matter…hehe

take your vote to the knitbook swap petition :smiley:

:hug: I have used Paperback Swap alot.Never had any trouble.Its so easy to do…Check it out and try it…Sissy

I LOVE PBS and have been a member for about 8 months. I have a HUGE stack of new books to read and all it requires is for me to go the post office once in a while to mail out a book to someone else! It’s really cut down on the number of books I buy at bookstores. For the cost of Media Mail, you can have any book that’s available. Even if you don’t want to send out any of your books, you can still order books by purchasing credits for aroun $3.00 per book and that’s cheaper than any retail store I know. :teehee: It’s not a pyramid scheme in any sense of the word. You do get a bonus credit for free if you have a friend join, but that’s all!

I even led a knitting goodie box swap there as well! There are quite a few knitters and crocheters over there. We’re actually teaming up right now to knit squares for a charity afghan.