OT: OK -- who's going to be watching the Super Bowl today?

AND who’s going to be KNITTING while watching the SB today?? I’ve never been all that interested in it, so I’ll be in the room “watching”, but mostly I’ll be knitting!!

How about you?

Since the team I’ve been watching all season(the Vikings) won’t be playing, I’ll probably be doing more knitting than watching too.

Me, me, me! I’m working on a tote bag at the moment. I was knitting yesterday during the NASCAR race and had to keep putting my needles down so I didn’t stab myself during some nailbiting parts of the race. Hopefully that won’t be an issue during the football game. I think I can yell at the tv without having to put my needles down. :slight_smile: :knitting:

I will be watching, my hometown team is IN it ([B][COLOR=“Blue”]Go Colts![/COLOR][/B]).
I’m spinning some angora/Shetland into a nice tweed, but I’ll have to forego the project this evening, as I am going to a SB party.

My LYS where I go to social knit/shop is having a pre-superbowl knitting party! Wooo! When it’s over I don’t care about the game, but I’ll be knitting and watching TV though. :wink:

I will probably watch but I have to say I don’t have any great emotional investment with either team. I will be knitting also.

I’ll be watching and knitting for the game! I love to watch football (and I really expect it will be a good game), but I do love to watch for the commercials as well!

I’m a Packers fan (born and raised cheesehead from WI), so I love almost any kind of football, but I’ll be cheering for the Saints (I love underdogs).

Not sure what I’ll be knitting as I hope to cast off the Tweed Blankt I’ve been working on for what feels like forever. So it may be either the Christmas Stocking or casting on for the Raha Scarf or the Heartland Lace Shawl. Oh the choices! The choices!

I am so hoping DH decides to watch at someone else’s house. We got 25-30" of snow yesterday so the party he’d planned to go to was cancelled. I am not a football fan at all, though I do have to rout for the Colts as our best friend works for them.

Here in my house only person likes to watch the Superbowl and that is my oldest son. But he is not home , he went to a friend’s house and will watch it there. My husband does not care to watch football . He got hurt in high school playing football and received a career ending injury that ended any chances of playiing in college or the pro leagues.Since then his attude is " If I can’t play I don’t want to watch it. So no celebrating the Superbowl here. And since he is a recently diagnosed diabetic that has to take insulin, we do not snack on things that we would like to.

I won’t be watching because I don’t have a tv and don’t really care! After several years of bush life here in Alaska I"m transitioning to having a computer. I’ll be working on my knitted rug, maybe getting back to my Lopi cardigan, and spending time with the dogs. -9 here today. Just finished a hat, neckwarmer, and mitts in Stitch Nation Alpaca Love for a birthday present which makes me very happy!

I still don’t know ‘how’ to watch football - despite the fact that I had to be at every home game in high school. So… I’ll probably be attending the anti-superbowl party at my LYS. The only time the tv gets to be turned on is for the halftime show :o)

I’ll be watching with friends and working on either my Booga Bag made form leftovers or my Hil Country Cresent Scarf. Both are all knit and I can watch the game, commerials and chat all while knitting these.

I guess I am routing for the Saints.

I’m not married to a sports guy and I don’t do American football. Now, World Cup is this summer and yeah, I will be all over that for a few weeks.

Don’t like sports…don’t have cable…perfect mix for me!

Cant stand football myself…

we dont watch tv anyway…
Ill be knitting:)

I’m watching the Puppy Bowl and Animal Planet and knitting. :lol:

So now I know that I can’t knit and watch football. I messed up somewhere and don’t know enough about how to backtrack. Darn it. I’ve pulled out 10 rows and hope that I’ve got all my loops set right. Just put in a lifeline and will try to pick it up tomorrow. Its just a bag for me but darnit, I’d been doing so well until this darn game! And my team won…imagine if they’d lost!

Normally, I watch, only for the commercials. This year was different! We’ve been waiting for 43 years for the Saints to play in the Superbowl. Imagine our unbridled delight that they won!!! I do love Peyton Manning and the Colts too though. He’s a home boy…born and raised here in New Orleans. Right now, I’m waiting for the Superbowl Parade, which will pass right by my building. What a game!!!:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: