Okay i gotsa question. In my effort to spend less money this year I am considering doing Nutrisystem. basically, because i am out of my house an average of 14 hours a day, i don’t have much time or inclination to cook. I also end up eating dinner at 9:30-10 every day it seems. I am not really into it for losing weight though i suspect that would be a happy bonus. I do actually know how to eat right and all of that so that isn’t really the issue. I am looking to do it, purely for the time and money benefit. I have done the math and I figure I could save about $1500/year on all the eating out i do if i get into something like this.

so i do have a point here…or even a question actually.

Have any of you ever tried this? I think if i buy it and find out that the food tastes like a foot i will be fairly irritated. I know that it will never be as good as if i made it myself but i am interested in making sure i don’t spend $300 and find out that i would rather eat my yarn!

any feed back from those who have tried it?

I remember reading a review on AOL saying that the food was pretty bland, and you would pretty much gain the weight back once you stopped eating it (I know you’re not doing it for the weight loss). I was checking the price at the time and didn’t do it because I was (and still am) nursing at the time and was only 6 months PP.

My husband did this many, many years ago. At that time you bought 7 days worth of meals, 3 meals per day. At the end of the week if you still had a few items left over, you still had to purchase another 7 days of food. They didn’t care that you maybe had an extra breakfast or lunch left over. You purchased everything again. The food was less than bland. I don’t know if it has changed, but back then, for example, you want to eat a hamburger. The burger was like a freeze dried pattie that you added a 1/4 cup of boiling water to, and it expanded like a sponge would. Needless to say, my husband didn’t care very much for the food. (Actually, he thought it was pretty nasty).

I think your yarn would taste better!


I was foolish enough to try nutrisystem many, many years ago. I could have saved myself a ton of money and eaten mud pies that had more taste and nutritive value.

There was a service available nationwide that delivered meals to your house - it was basically designed for busy people who wanted to eat right but not “out” all the time. It wasn’t a diet thing per se, and the food I heard was good. I’m going to try to find you the website.

If it comes to it, I’ll cook for you before I let ya go to Nutrisystem!

Edit: it was http://www.homebistro.com/ ! I think you might like this option better. It will certainly cause you fewer health problems and you’ll actually enjoy the taste of what you eat. Overall I think the prices are competitive with eating out in most metro areas (certainly cheaper than dining in Boston!)

i think you are talking about Seattle Suttons. The only problem i have with them is finding a time to take delivery…there is that whole 14 hour window that i am at work and can’t really deal with food being sitting around ya know! :wink:

i may have to call them again to see about arranging time for pick up.


i have to say i was curious about the whole idea of a box of food coming UPS that was still edible.

okay…back to the drawing board

but let’s talk about that coming over and making me food thing. would that include cleaning too?

Cleaning? :roflhard:

Let me put it this way - do you really want an adult with ADD actually attempting to organize your stuff?

On the plus side, I bake my own bread, and my specialties are Texas Chili and deep-dish apple pie.

lol well you can keep the apple pie but remember i have lotsa pretty yarn that needs to be put away! :wink:


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