OT - Not that I usually care about football, but

…now that I assume football fans everywhere have heard about them, how about those BOISE STATE BRONCOS??? Did anyone here see the game?? Un-be-lievable. :cheering:

Boise State is where the kid that does the knitting or crocheting, I don’t know which, is on the football team and is one of the starters.

He crochets (hats mostly I think.)

He also proposed to his girlfriend immediately after they won.

I was there! I’m not much into watching football but I’m glad my husband made me go that time, the game was amazing!

I went to bed as the game was coming on… and dh explained to me why Boise had to win… While sleeping I was waken by a very loud dh who is normally very quiet… then I hear oh your up! Guess what??? They WON…it was the best football game…it was awesome!! :teehee:

Then the next day we watched ESPN just so he could see the highlights…

I’ve watched many, many college football games in my 17+ years of marriage, and I’ve got to say that this ranks as one the the BEST games I have ever seen. The trick plays were AWESOME! What risk takers!

I know! We didn’t turn it on until the 4th quarter, because we were like, “Who cares? Like Boise State is going to WIN?” Then we had to eat our words! We were screaming and jumping up and down watching that game! Too crazy.

You are KIDDING me–I didn’t know Ian Johnson was so handy! LOL. What a blast.