OT: New puppy

I got a new puppy for my birthday that is Monday. YAY!! He’s SO Cute!! He’s 7 weeks old. The tag at the Humane Society said he was an Australian Shepherd but the lady at the desk said he and his brothers look more like Border Collies to her so we’ll see what the vet thinks. My little boy named him Sparky.

Welcome to the family Sparky. Congratulations on the new puppy. He is adorable.


Maybe you should knit him a bed or blankie to sleep on???

Oh he’s adorable!!! I can see lots of fun time in your life.
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! :present: :balloons:

Awwwww, he’s so cute!! You will have a busy holiday season, that’s for sure!! Have fun! (and Happy Birthday, too!!)


WHAT A CUTIE PIE!! I just wanna reach in the monitor and touch him. Soooooo cute!


Total doll baby! Either way, he is going to be one smart dog, and he will need a “job” or else he will create his own job! My border collie mix’s job was to watch out the window and grumble at the squirrels, and try to keep us all together in one room. He tended to get anxious if we were all in different rooms. Great dogs!!

Definitely looks like a wittle baby border collie puppy. Aaaaaawwwww! :heart:

:inlove: :inlove: Awwwwwww Hes so cute! Happy Birthday!

Congrats :smiley: And good for you for adopting from the Humane Society :thumbsup:

Happy Birthday…and…too cute!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :balloons:

And what a great gift! Awww! I love dogs!! And puppies are great–I love puppy grunts!

And I agree with Jeremy–that you adopted from the Humane Society is wonderful! :thumbsup:

OMG! So precious!

I think both of those breeds are supposed to be good with kids. :?? Hes a cuty, have fun!

I think they actually “herd” kids. I’ve known folks who have them, and they say the herding is hilarious :smiley:

awww he is so precious. I have to show this to the other half, still begging here.

So cute!! He does look like a little Border Collie. But Australian Shepherds are really great dogs, too. Congrats!

one of my favorite smells is puppy breath. I’m so jealous you get weeks of free puppy breath without having to go to the pet store.


awww so cute!!! We had a Shetland Collie (he sadly passed away last Jan.) but I loved him so much and so great with the kids… He would herd them and he would kind nip at their heels… he would do me the same way so cute… I miss the little guy… :cheering:

He really is quite smart already. Tries and usually succeeds to make it to the pee pad or go outside. He knows when I open the door and say “Go down the stairs.” to trot on down and do his business. He enjoys my 1-year-old tomorrow Shih Tzu as well.

He does herd my son around in the morning I noticed. When he gets up and starts walking, Sparky is right there on his heels trying to get him to go the way he wants. :smiley: