OT - new puppy question!

I know we have some dog lovers here that can help me with my dilemma. It’s been 10 years since I’ve had a puppy in the house. We brought Stella home Friday and she is driving DH nuts! She doesn’t sleep much at night.

We started out by putting up a baby gate to keep her in the kitchen with a dog bed for the first 2 nights. She’d wake me up with her crying so I would take her outside. After she peed and went back inside and I went to bed, she’d keep crying/whining. Last night we put her in a dog crate, thinking she wanted a more secure feeling space. Pretty much the same amount of crying. We’ve tried ignoring the crying, but our bedroom is right next to the kitchen. And she cries loud and loooooong. And DH is afraid she’ll wake the kids. And it’s hard to hear her cry!

We have talked about it and definitely don’t want her sleeping in our bed. But DH is already starting to crack. He thinks if we put her dog bed on our bed and then slowly wean her to sleeping in the kitchen, she’ll be fine. I think then basically she’s starting sleeping in our bed. He’s even slept with her on the couch. She’s never going to learn to sleep on her own at this rate.

Any advice?

How long does a puppy take to sleep on her own? She’s only 6 weeks.

Would it be better if the dog kennel was in our bedroom with us?

Do we have a yawn icon?

Yes, put her in the crate in your room. thats all she wants is to be near you. you are her mom now so you kind of have to be the mommy dog and have her near you. i would also suggest taking on of you previously worn shirts or your husband since he is who she slept with… anything with your scent on it and put it in the crate with her and maybe a toy she is acustom to. but whatever you do do not put her in your bed if you ever want to sleep alone again. its like with a child once you get them used to a certain way its hard to break them from it!! good luck and i hope this helps!!! :thumbsup:

Congrats on your puppy! I agree with everything koolbreeze said! Very good advice. What kind of puppy is it??

Koolbreeze is right. You can spoil them very easily. I have also read that when they’re in a crate, make the space in it small or they will ‘go’ in it. Put stuff in the back of the crate so that they only have room to lie down. They won’t soil where they only can sleep.

A hot water bottle and a ticking clock are also old-time helps. Six weeks is very young, give it a little time.

HI! I am crate trainining our puppy right now- we’ve had her since June and she’s about 5 mos old…so I have some pretty recent experience to help you with :smiley:
You should definitely put the crate in your room ~ puppies like to be near their people- makes them feel more secure. At night, we put a few beach size towels in the crate to make it comfy and I put a large sheet over the top that drapes down the front and 2 sides (the back faces the wall there’s a gap between the wall and the crate so she gets air. The sheet lets our dog know that it’s time to sleep- during the day, I leave the sheet off when she’s in there.

Your pup has a small bladder and prob needs to go out every 3 hours or so to take care of business -and it will get better- I PROMISE!! At first, I thought we would never sleep through the night again cause she was always whining and always going outside ~ but after about a week she went to sleep faster and slept longer. Now, she makes it through the night and goes to sleep right away.

Whatever you do, dont bring her into the bed. We made that mistake with our lab mix when she was a puppy and now all 65 lbs of her sleeps in the bed EVERY NIGHT with us. I had a hard enough time sharing the bed w DH ( I like my space!!) and when you add a dog even a king size bed gets small REALLY FAST!! :shock:
Good luck and enjoy ~ there’s nothing like a puppy belly and puppy breath! :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks guys! I have moved the crate in our room. Praying that this helps a little!

Stella is a Jack Russell Terrier. There’s a pic in my blog, but I’ll put it here too. Just cause she’s so darned cute and I love to see her everywhere! :smiley:

Thanks knitwit! We had a jack russell before who slept with us. She was only 9 pounds but still managed to push me off the bed once or twice! And she claimed DH as her own. So whenever we kissed or even THOUGHT romantic thoughts, she would worm her way inbetween us and start licking him. :lol:

My son has already commented on how she ‘smells’. He’s never had a puppy of his own and isn’t used to puppy smell yet. Hmmm, I think I’ll have to change my signature line now! :wink:

she is so sweet!!! do they get big?

another thing i just remembered… i know it may sound cruel, but don’t baby her when shes whining… don’t go its ok and love on her everytime she whines or she will keep doing it. but don’t scold her either. just ignore her but don’t ignore her. if you know what i mean. just don’t give her the attention or she will keep doing it. my puppy slept in my room a few days. but its a chow and they don’t like a lot of heat. he was panting all night! so i had to put him out near the door so he could get a litte draft on him and he was fine after that. the whining stopped and so did the panting. he was born outside and we got him in Feb. so he likes the cold. we have since moved and he has to be by the door to sleep now. i tried to put in the basement … wrong he whinned so much so i finally took him out. i let him stay out in the kitchen by the door at night and i just tie him up so he doesn’t roam in the night. he is almost 10 months now.

it does get better… its like with a newborn!

Oh! Stella! This is the baby you talked about before. Sooo cute! :heart: :heart:

Just give her time, she’ll be ok. Koolbreeze is right. When you hear the puppy whine, don’t run each time or she’ll get used to it.

ohhh how cute!!! They are right they can be spoiled very easily but with time and love she will get better :smiley:

Wow!! She is adorable! :inlove:
Hope you guys have a peacefull evening. Keep us posted on her progress!

Ummm…Yeah…Im gonna disagree…the only reasonable solution is that she gets to sleep in your bed.

I dont believe in the word “spolied”. If something is spoiled, its rotten, it stinks and you throw it out. Let’s say “well loved”, please!

And, I SWEAR my dogs are VERY well behaved…ask Hildie!!


[size=2](I sleep with a furry DH and 3 dogs in my queen bed every night. Im a happy person because of it!! REALLY!) [/size]

:shock: OMG Kelly, that’s one crowded bed! :roflhard:

Awwwww, what a CUTE little puppy!! :inlove: Oh, puppies are truly my number one weakness. I soooooo love puppies.

Whatever you do, be prepared to be consistent. But you’ve had a dog before, so you know this. My poor dog got very mixed messages from us when she was a pup. One week the couch was okay, the next week we changed our mind. Not fair to her; she was obedient, but like any dog needs clear messages.

Our dog slept on the floor in our bedroom. She was very content, but also very loud. When she got older, she became a constant snorer, and also became more restless and would get up to circle and get more comfy, and would often wake up DH. (Not me, I sleep like a log.) DH eventually tried using ear plugs at night, and that quickly became his habit, and it worked well, thankfully.

This is all excellent advice you’ve gotten. Good luck with your new sweetikins! :heart:

i had my dog in my bed once while watching tv and he got 2 comfortable and he peed and hasn’t been in it since. he is barely allowed in my room!

:roflhard: He knows you complained about him to us, Carmell!! :roflhard:

that must be it… but guess what? he is the coolest dog now… i actually love him :heart:

YAYYYYYYYYYYY! :cheering: Im SOOOOOOO glad to hear that, Carmell!!! :heart:

Good advice from everyone. The only thing I can add is that if you don’t mind having a dog sleep in your bed for the rest of its life, then go for it. Jack Russell’s aren’t very big. However, my dogs LOVE their crates. They go in there just to hang out and rest during the day and always run right in at night when we are going to bed. If you are crating, the one thing I can strongly say is NEVER use the crate as punishment. You want them to only associate going into the crate with sleeping and being relaxed.

They have to get up at night to pee with their tiny bladders…really no way around that…and 6 weeks is soooooo young. She is still very much a baby. Most breeders think the ideal age to take a puppy to a new home is 10-12 weeks. I did think of one other thing though…as far as having the crate in the bedroom that is so right…they want to be near you. I have read though with very young puppies that it might be helpful to have the crate right next to the bed so you can occasionally reach down and soothe the pup…only to let her know you’re there and no reason to be scared. You definitely don’t want to do it too much though because then all they learn is that when they whine, they get attention. Again though, since this pup is really young a little reassurance may be very helpful.

Oh yes, that’s a good point Kemp, about the bladder. If the pup’s being good for half the night, and then starts whining in the middle of the night, it’s probably a bladder issue, not a sulking issue.

We have two dogs, as you can see, Cooper who is two, and Yoda who is one, so we have been thru this recently. When we got Cooper, my husband had just been laid off, so he would sleep downstairs w/the kennel right next to him. After a couple days, he moved the kennel about five feet away, and would continue to do this every couple of nights until he ended up by the back entry which is where both dogs sleep. When we got Yoda, we just put his crate next to Cooper’s and we never had to go thru that as he could hear and smell Cooper and was happy w/that. When they sleep at night, they are in their crates, I think it makes them feel safe to have a place of their own, I put a large towel over their crates. If I don’t they will bark at things in the night.

We have a baby gate in the kitchen doorway and another at the backdoor to keep them confined when needed. To housetrain them, Cooper was trained to ring bells I have hanging on the backdoor when he wants to go out. He was about seven months old when he figured this out. Yoda, on the otherhand, learned this trick from Cooper and has been housetrained since four months old!

Good luck, and have fun!


And the angels sang praises!

I put the crate in the bedroom with me. And while I still needed to get up several times to let Stella out as expected, there was much less whining during the night. :smiley: She started out whiney, but as the night wore on and she realized that she’s was stayin’ put it got much better.

Thanks everyone for your help!