OT: New posts signs?

Why does sometimes when there are new posts it will turn the yellow color and other times it wont? I can come here for days and it will show me the new posts and then the next couple of days it wont, but I can tell by the date there are new posts? Have I messed something up? I hate having to try and figure out what I’ve read and what has new posts! Thanks ladies!


Any post you have not opened should be yellowed, regardless if it’s new or old. If an old post you visited before, then someone added a comment to that thread, it will appear yellow again until you open it again.

Sometimes I have this problem - but it is usually because I’m not logged in to the site. If you are logged in correctly it should remember what you’ve looked at or not. Hopefully that is the problem!

This happens to me, too. I don’t know why it happens or what it means, but you’re not crazy! I have checked the box to be automatically logged in every time I come here, so I know that’s not the problem for me. Every once in a while, though, I know there are new posts, but the “indicator” suggests otherwise. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a problem in IE/with cookies/etc. :slight_smile:

we had this discussion a while back because it was happening to me about once or twice a day and i was curious as to why. i generally come in, read the posts that grab my attention and click “mark all subjects read” before i move to the next forum. That way when i come to the site i can tell before even clicking into the room if there is a new post. however about once or twice a day it will mark everything as UNread even though i read the post hours ago…less often i have the problem where it marks everything read for me.

Dave (Norman) if I recall correctly suspected that it was a flaw in the software…

Ahhh ok, glad to know it wasn’t just me! Thanks ladies!


Not just you. I am permanently logged in and it still does it sometimes. Wierd and annyong! :lol:

What I find odd is that frequently all of the links will show that I haven’t visited them… this is usually first thing in the morning when I first log on. The links are all pink, instead of blue showing that I’ve been there. After a few pages, then it will all go back to showing which threads I’ve read at some point… very odd! :thinking: This isn’t a problem with the bbs software, but a quirk in my computer’s web history!

I often have the same trouble with the new posts feature, so I often completely ignore it.

I log in and hit “View posts since last visit” on the next screen. Then I can pick through the list.

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