OT - Need ideas for games for Star Wars Party for 6yo

My oldest son is turning 6 this month and he wants a Star Wars party. I’ve been trying to think of some themed games for the kids to play. A friend had told me about how she had used a 2x4 (right on the ground so the kids wouldn’t get hurt) and had the kids use a pillow and try to knock each other off the board. I thought maybe I could cut a pool noodle (you know, the foam kind) in half and make “light sabers” for the kids to duel? Does that sound ok? Any other games you can think of?

there’s a couple places I found just googling ‘star wars party games’

hope that helps :slight_smile:

Maybe you could find some Star Wars color pages on line- or make photo copies form a coloring book. Coloring pages are good for while waiting for all the kids to arrive or if the kids have to wait for the next thing.

Is this out doors or in? Another thought is have lots of boxes and markers and craft things and maybe they could- with help cutting card board and things- make R2 and C3PO costumes- have a team effort or contest. Or decorating plain white paper plates into masks of a favorite character and adults could hlp with the kids putting them on. My kids always like having plain gift bags and decorating them with themed stickers for the party favors.
At six if they get to pretned and make lots of Star Wars stuff they ought to have fun. I’ve also noticed that 2 hours is just the right lenght for a party and you’ll be gald to send everyone home!

You could put some knitted squares on the floor and tell everyone that the floor is lava. They have to walk across the floor, using the squares for walking. You’d want to space out the squares so they have to take “flying leaps” sometimes. (the boys will love to do that!)

If you have wood floors, you’ll probably want to put something on the underside of the squares to keep them from slipping.

My boys used to play this game almost every day. They used the cushions from the sofa as their “stepping stones”.

Most 6 year olds like to run around and holler. :wink:

I wouldn’t do too many competitive games since someone always ends up crying. I’m not of the school that ‘everyone should win’ in all games, but a party winds everyone up and emotions run high.

Pinatas are fun and they can hit it with a stick painted like a light saber; crafts are great if you want to organize them; and check out the web sites above.

The Family Fun site always has great ideas for parties, including themes, games and other activities, food, and so forth

:smiley: I’ve always done scavenger hunts…kids of all ages love them. :thumbsup:

I was thinking of a pinata - I never would have thought to paint the stick like a light saber. My father does a lot of woodworking. I bet he can cut one out for me and I can paint it.

I was thinking of doing a treasure hunt for the goody bags - either one big treasure hunt or giving each kid an individual map. I don’t have a heck of a lot of places to hide them. Definitely an outside party. We have a big garage that we can heat if needed.

Thanks for the ideas!

One of my employer’s neighbours just hosted a star wars party for their 6yo and she used pool noodles for her light sabers. Here’s how:

  1. cut the noodle in half.
  2. wrap duct tape around the bottom edge and about 4 inches up the side.
  3. use your imagination and draw the lights and gadgets and stuff on it!

She found they worked really well cause they were soft enough that if the kids went after each other (duh!) they wouldn’t get hurt!


I was planning on just making 2 “noodle” light sabers and have the kids take turns, but Noah says that “is not the way I want my party to be”. He wants all the kids to have foam light sabers and no structured games. Whatever.

I told you! They just like to run around and holler! :rofling: