OT Need Advice Please!

So, I just was offered a job up in Boston. I’m currently an Editorial Assistant for Precalc and Calculus, living in the town I grew up in. This job is an Assistant Editor for Developmental Math, and like I said, it’s in Boston–the city I went to college in and miss like crazy.

Obviously I accepted.

I’m going to be moving up in June-ish, which is perfect for getting a summer sublet and then finding a place for September, when the leases almost all start.

And I’m trying to figure out what I can afford, and I feel like I don’t have enough “expenses.”


Internet (cable if I have to get it)
Cell phone
T fare (er…subway)
Car insurance (if I keep my car on the road)
Gas (if I keep my car on the road)

I don’t have any debt or loans, so no monthly payments. Between my savings and tuition reimbursement, I’ve got more than enough to cover my fall semester of grad school.

But can you think of anything else I might be paying for on a monthly basis?


Seriously, you should add in allowances for clothing, gifts, entertainment, and misc., because even though they’re not a strict monthly expense, they are something we spend money on.

Pay attention to where your money goes each day–keep a list if you have to, to see how much you tend to shell out for things like a coffee stop, a bottle of water, lunch out, etc.

Yarn!! :teehee:

Seriously–you should have some kind of a “rainy day” amount factored in. And if it goes for yarn, well…

Ingrid, we think alike! :rofl:

Can’t think of anything else except maybe play money (aka yarn money!). But don’t forget that rent is crazy expensive in Boston. Crazy, out of control, expensive.

Congrats on the job!! :happydance:

Definitely factor in some spending money… for yarn, for clothes, for going out for drinks with people, out for supper, ordering food in when you don’t feel like cooking… And maybe just figure in an amout to “save” and put aside in case anything happens (car breaks down and needs to be fixed, something major happens and you need to go somewhere/buy something out of the ordinary)

That’s all I can think of…

I would say definately yarn!

YARN!!! It was my first thought too! You must put that in the budget. Very important to your emotional health!

I meant to write “non-knitting necessities” because knitting and yarn are obviously necessities. :teehee:

I’m making this list to figure out exactly how much I can afford in monthly rent, and still have knitting & play & emergency money. I just need to make sure all my eating and living necessities are taken care of, first.

It’s no more expensive than where I live now (Bergen County, NJ), and the raise means I can afford an apartment (with roommates.) :happydance:

First of all, congratulations! :balloons: As for expenses… can’t think of much that hasn’t already been mentioned. I’m assuming your job will cover health insurance… if not, that would be a big one. On a related note, if you have any prescriptions, that would be another monthly expense. Are you counting the kind of stuff you get from Target (toothpaste, TP, laundry detergent, etc.) under groceries? If not, I think it could be a category in itself.

Yes, it’s pretty good health insurance (it was better last year :pout: ), I am counting all the TP etc as groceries, and my only prescriptions are for my eyes.

Thanks for all the advice and congratulations, everyone!

Is it possible that you’d have to pay to park your car? What about going to the gym, is there one in your office building, or do you pay to go off-site?

Remember that you will probably have to give first and last month’s rent for a deposit and some utilities may require deposits also.

I hate moving.

But I’m excited for you!! :hug:

If it’s not directly off of your paycheck, should you be setting an amount aside regularly for some sort of retirement fund? :shrug:

Also, don’t forget about your WoW subscription fee. :teehee:

Oh, Dilly beat me to it. I was going to say WoW. :teehee: But you knew that anyway, didn’t you?

I can handle the costs of moving, deposits on rent and utilities, etc out of my savings.

Right now, my gym is across from my office building and costs $2 a visit. I’m not sure about what the Boston office is like, because I’ve never been in it. :rofl: (Did I mention I didn’t even formally interview for the job? My boss was all like, “Dude, you should hire her,” and my new bosses were like, “Let’s talk to her first.” And then they did and were all, “Okay!” Except this was over about a two month period.) Anyway, I’m going to email the editorial assistant up there and ask her about the gym and the building in general.

Dilly, I should be putting more into my retirement funds than I am, but we’ll worry about that next year. :oops:

And my WoW subscription fee, yes. :teehee:

I’m clueless!! What is WoW?

World of Warcraft, an online fantasy game (sorta like dungeons and dragons).

Also, don’t forget renters insurance. It might not be a monthly expense, but still something to consider.

I was just talking to my mom about the gym, and she said, “Well what about the BU facilities?” :doh:

I get to use the gorgeous new BU gym for FREEEE because I’m an alumni!!! :happydance: