OT - need advice from bird lovers

Does anyone have a good online (or catalog) resource for AFFORDABLE bird cages? DH & I rescued another parakeet today & Im afraid my cage is gonna be too small for FOUR!
Here he is…

Glad to hear he has found a good owner:)

I am not sure about online/catalog purchases… But if you can find a local bird store in your area, they sometimes have good deals.
The best place to buy them from (if you didn’t need it right away) would be a bird show… You can usually find cages of all sizes for about 1/2 the regular price if not less. Maybe you can see if there are any upcoming shows in your area… here in AZ they seem to have them all the time lol.

Good luck finding something affordable. Those prices can be a bit outrageous!
Such a cute little guy by the way!

I KNOW! He’s seems to be really sweet…I still haven’t been inspired with a name for him.

I am watching a couple of cages on Ebay…tell me what you think of these:


I’m not sure how cheap they are on bird cages, but I like Drs Foster & Smith. You could also try Care a lot Pets.
Good luck!

Thanks, Glen!

I think you should name him “tastes like chicken” :roflhard:

My friend (no, my other friend, KK) is into birds. She recommended Birdsupply.com, but since i’m not into birds, I don’t know what constitutues “affordable” (I would say these don’t, but what do I know?). These guys have some neat looking ones.

[color=blue]Dont have any suggestions… but such a sweet bird. Oh and Kelly, love the new picture on your avitar! :cheering: [/color]

:fingerwag: you dont HAVE any other friends and YOU KNOW IT!! :shifty:

Thanks for asking for me, Hild…Ill check those out later.

Thanks for the compliment, Stony!

I don’t know of any nicely priced bird cages. I just wanted to say how kewl it was that you found that sweetie-birdie! :happydance:

You were RIGHT. The one I am CONSIDERING on EBay is $150, and Im just not sure…

We have a store here in cincinnati that sells “recycled” pet items…like a consignment store. Maybe something like that in the chicago yellow pages?

How about handing over the spare bedroom. You can put in some branches, a bird bath, and some toys. Put something over the door to keep them in and voila–an aviary of your own!

When we had parakeets I always felt guilty about the cage. :rollseyes:

:roflhard: Silly Ingrid, that bedroom is reserved for yarn!

:roflhard: :roflhard: You got me on that one! :roflhard: :roflhard:

Kempy, you know me SO well!!! :roflhard:

[size=2]It really IS reserved for yarn!! :oops: [/size]

Lol Of course… the Yarn!!! :roflhard:

Kelly the first cage you are watching on ebay I think would be great for parakeets. PLUS the price of it (even WITH the shipping) is actually a really good price for that sized cage. They usually go for slightly more.
I am glad to hear he is a sweet one. Are you going to keep them all in one cage or keep them seperate?
Good luck again finding one…
I have never been able to just name a pet until I get to know their personality first lol… Try calling him a few names and see which one you all think fits best. :thinking:

When we had parakeets I always felt guilty about the cage.

I know what you mean… I always let my birds learn how to fly, plus I let them hang out on the top of their cages all day long. Luckily they stay put lol. Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting the 3 month old to understand he must stay on or in his cage and that he is not allowed to roam as he pleases lol

Which one did you like best, Aello? I had links to 2.

I am planning on putting them all in the same cage, but I will keep the new boy separate for a bit until they get used to each other. Already Jake is in LUV!

I let my birds out to fly a couple times a week.

Hey, KK!!

I am not too sure about those cages with keets. I think the bar spacing may be too great for such wee birdies?? They are parrot cages. Just would hate to see them get injured (or WORSE) in a cage that isn’t meant for them.

The new baby is adorable, BTW!!! I LOVE birds!!!

Nope - I checked…the bar spacing is 1/2"! Perfect!