OT - Natural remedies for arthritis

I’ve just learned that I’m allergic to Relafen, the drug I’ve been taking for arthritis. It is an NSaid, as is ibuprofen. I woke up yesterday with welts all over, some larger than my hand. Some (actually, a lot0 were also in my head Guess what Benadryl cream does to a hairdo. :?? :?? What fun!!

Anyway, I’ve researched online and have found several suggestions; they just all seem too good to be true. I seriously doubt that anything will make all the pain and stiffness disappear.

If anyone has personal knowledge of anything, please let me know. I trust what the members of this group say.

Not sure which type of arthritis you’re dealing with, but…

I discovered years ago (through avoidance diets) that eliminating nightshades from my diet vastly improved a tendency toward arthritis/stiffness in my hands and other joints.

Nightshades are: tomatoes, potatoes, peppers & eggplant.

Yes, it was very difficult at first…but I wanted to be able to use my hands. Sooooooo, I persevered. I’ve found over time that I can allow myself a few of them (occasionally) as “treats” if I don’t overdo it…I mean, what’s shrimp without cocktail sauce???

Maybe it would help you? :shrug:


I looked up arthritis in my “Natural Remidies Encyclopedia” and well, the listing for arthritis is pretty long.

Under “diet” it suggests that you drink 1-2 glasses daily of any combination fo raw juices of beets carrots, celery, parsley, or alfalfa.

Eat leafy vegetables, whole grains, oatmeal, and brown rice. These supply vitamin K.

Eat fresh pineapple. Apparently the bromelain in it is good for reducing inflammation.

You can use ice packs to reduce inflammation and be sure to exercise you joints so that they dont stiffen

mix eucalyptus oil with water and rub on the affected area. wrap the joint in plastic wrap, and apply moist heat with hot towels.


well this will definitely get your mind off of it:

Under “diet” it suggests that you drink 1-2 glasses daily of any combination fo raw juices of beets carrots, celery, parsley, or alfalfa.

mostly because you will be wishing you were DEAD if you wre drinking those things! :ick:

I have a full on love of things organic and/or natural but I can’t help but think there are some things that just shouldn’t be made into a juice! :ick:

my mom has forced me to drink carrot juice and carrot/beet combo juice plenty of times. trust me, its not that bad (especially if u drink it fast and hold your nose :teehee: )

Don’t ask me why, but DH loves carrot juice. As in, he drinks it voluntarily, and with gusto. I recently got him a juicer so he can make his own instead of buying the pricey pre-made stuff at the market. He’s been drinking a huge glass of carrot/apple every day for the last week or so, and doesn’t appear to want to slow down anytime soon. I told him he’d turn orange (or worse, OD), but he doesn’t seem to be concerned about it. :shrug: On the plus side, with so many carrots around (he’s been buying in bulk), he’s also made carrot cake with cream cheese icing a couple of times. Yummy stuff… I think I might need to eat some now, even though I haven’t eaten a “real” lunch yet. Is that bad? :teehee:

Oh yeah… as for arthritis remedies, I think my Dad has said good things about glucosamin and chondroitin, but the literature doesn’t seem to support the claim that it does much. Maybe it’s psychological.

My 86-year old father, who has some severe arthritis, says that Lakota brand capsules help him a lot. They have a variety of herbs in these.

I have arthritis in the hands as well and I find a product with Omega 3,6,9 by spring valley helps, it just does not help if you have arthritis plus a pinched nerve that also effects your joints.

The original posts are 5 yrs old now, but maybe someone else can use the info.

I take 3 - 500 mg. capsules of turmeric every day, with orange juice. I started taking it for a skin condition and while it was taking care of that, I realized my knees hurt much less, my hands aren’t as stiff. Just in case it’s of interest to anyone.

Aspirin makes my ears ring, ibuprofen makes me higher than a kite (as in “are you still cramping?” me: “I don’t know, I don’t care.” giggle, giggle)

I went through a spell of this this past summer. What I tried and what seemed to help was daily doses if

Apple cider Vinegar
fresh garlic

I already ate an organic diet with lots of veggies and omega 3’s

The biggest impact was removing all gluten from my diet. It is apparently very inflammatory. Dairy is inflammatory as well but I am already dairy free. I had a relapse when I cheated on the gluten free thing. So now I am off gluten completely and fee awesome. It’s really improved my health. I had toyed with the idea for a year but couldn’t bring myself to give it up but now that I know it eliminates my joint pain it’s, no pun intended, a piece of cake.

Hope you find a natural cure.

I found a natural salve that seems to work well. It’s called Badger Balm. They have one for joints and a couple of muscle ones, one hot, one cold, that seem to work well on joints. They’re a little hard to find in stores, but they can be ordered from the internet. The catch is, the online store is US-only. (The distribution might be as well…)

One thing that I use that works great for me and reduces the pain tremendously is organic salve. Alls you have to do is rub it in where it hurts. It brings down the swelling and helps the joints to heal. I found some at footstepsunltd.com. It worked for me and at only $10 a can it was well worth the pain relief. This is an all natural remedy with zero side effects.

I love old remedies these are interesting and since I too have arthritis I might give some a go too, Thanks for sharing.