OT-My Funny, DH

My husband must think I really spoil the cats. Yesturday, we went to the grocery store to buy cat food. While we were there, he found a package of two steaks, that were on sale. We don’t have steak very often, and he loves it so much, that we decided to get them, and treat ourselves to a steak dinner sometime this next week.

As we were paying out, he told the cashier that the steaks were for the cats, and the catfood was for him. I just died laughing, because it isn’t that far from the truth. lol I’d fix those steaks for the cats in a heartbeat, if he’d agree to it. Of course, I wouldn’t feed him cat food. That would just be wrong. lol

Have any of you ever been accused of spoiling your pets? I know you have. lol

Gee, does a collar with rhinestone letters spelling out his name constitute spoilage?

Does buying my cats a $40.00 cat water fountain with waterfall, charcoal filter, cooler. Because its hot, constitutes spoiling…lol

Does feeding my cat little bits of my tuna sandwich from my fingers constitute spoiling? Or waiting for her to get off my lap so I can type? Or putting a “step” from the couch to the bookshelf to make it easier for her to climb? :shifty: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Mmmm, naw… I contemplated getting this several years ago when the Binkster was a couple years old as I never really saw him drink out of his bowl much and was worried about his water intake. He would out of the bathroom tap if I left it on for him. The vet told me that cats are desert animals and do crave moving water as movement=fresh/good. If I had the space in the kitchen for it, I’d have one. But since he drinks from his bowl since having had a bladder problem 5 years ago (Rx food helped him with that) mommy feels much better… :lol:

We get water in our basement when it rains, so DH built a little “Kitty Deck” that goes from the basement steps over to the litter box, so they don’t have to get their feet wet :slight_smile:

I buy all kinds of crap for my cats to play with…and then they don’t play with it :rollseyes: but I do like to leave the door open a little so they can go out and play and come back in whenever they want. THe only thing is, the flies come in too. And flies are not pets and they don’t pay rent so I’m not sure how to keep them out and leave the door open for kitties. I don’t have a door that I could cut out a kitty door for them (besdies all the cats in the neighborhood end up coming in kitty doors. That’s what happened at my son’s dad’s house. Stray cats from all over Portland would come in an dpee on the floor in the basement :rollseyes: ) the front door is metal and the back door is a sliding glass door with a screen. I caontimplated one of those screened in backyard thingys for them but they are crazy exspensive. I also fantasize about those pet strollers. Lemme see if I can find a link…

Here ya go:


all kinds of crap to spend on yer pets :lol:

I was buying (:rollseyes: ) shrimp at a fish market. I usually get a big frozen pack for $6 and it lasts a few weeks. (cheaper than Fancy Feast!)
But my Toisie cat was sick so I got her fresh shrimp $7 a pound oh it was this rock shrimp from Maine which I don’t like much but my cat flips out over it (any shrimp, she knows when it enters the house). And this lady said “How do you make those?” “um, they’re for my cat actually.” She gave one of those unbelievable roll of the eyes and head and looked away disgusted. Oh well.

Like that collar!!!

Oh my god! I want one of those pet walker thingys. Oh wow.

Oh, how funny. You’re all just like me. :roflhard:

I bought shrimp for one of my cats one time. She had to take meds for an ear infection, and I wanted her to have a treat. She didn’t like it, but she loves chicken. I’ve bought fried chicken from the grocery store, and peeled the skin off for my cats. They love it.

I also have the drinkwell fountain. My husband made fun of me the day I got it, but I didn’t care. They love it.

Come to think of it, now that I’ve reread everything here… my cats don’t drink out of their bowl often at all either. That’s interesting about the moving water thing = fresh wow Sometimes when I’m brushing my teeth my cat comes to get a drink… So, I’m thinking, maybe I should get a fountain!

Where did you get it???

I got mine at Petsmart. They sell them at Petco, too.