OT: My friends Angora rabbits made some babies!

Here’s mommy and daddy…

…and here’s the new babies!

Amazing, eh?! I wish I could give you some perspective on how small they are.

I am going to probably get one or two from a later litter, since this one snuck up on me.

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Oh my!!! It’s hard to believe that those tiny, hairless bunnies are going to be so HAIRY!!! Mom is beautiful…babies are freaky cute :wink:

Oh, the fuzziness!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Those babies are soooo teeny! And nekkid! It’s hard to believe how fuzzy they’re going to be soon!

How exciting that you’re going to get a couple!! :cheering: :cheering:

nekkid baby bunnies!!

So cute. :slight_smile:

when do the grow their hair?

This is something only the other Canadians will understand, but those baby rabbits look like House-Hippos!

I had no idea that rabbits are born bald!

:inlove: too cute!!!

I’ve been thinking - If I ever take up spinning, I’m going to get Angora bunnies. And this post has convinced me! They’re so darned cute!!


Awwwwwww. :heart:

Awe, I didn’t know they were born hairless! It’s amazing how beautiful they will grow up to be! If only I was a spinner…

I told my hubby I wanted an alpaca…he thinks I’m nuts :slight_smile:


:heart: :inlove:

Mom and dad are beautiful! Can’t wait to see what the nekkid babies look like! :smiley:

Wow!! How old were the babies when that picture was taken?? I was at a state farm show last year, and there was a woman spinning from an angora bunny that she was holding on her lap. I was just amazed at how she was spinning directly from the bunny, while he just sat there as calm as could be!

oh my goodness! They are so cute!! I can’t imagine taking any hair from my beautiful bunny Milo, though. He’s so darn fluffy but I just couldn’t do it… and he’d never sit still long enough to let me anyway. lol

Oh how cute! They remind me of little newborn puppies or something, but way cuter!

They’re cute… in a nekkid ugly way :shock:

And so just exactly how do you get the fur off for knitting :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: shave or brush :roflhard: :roflhard: AND HOW MANY RABBITS DOES IT TAKE TO GET A SWEATER?

Awww, I love how the babies are all nekkid and wrinkly.
The parents just look like a big beige and grey blob to me…I see one head in the middle, and a whole bunch of grey on both sides. :?? hehe.

I second what gimmesanity said! I only see one bunny with someone hugeness going on behind it!!! :shock:

So cute! :heart: :inlove:

LMAO at house hippos!!! Snort.

Had to show my husband the house hippos. :roflhard: