OT: My best friend's birthday present

Can I share?

11 years ago, when my daughter was born, my best friend gave me two little Jaguar football jerseys. One for my then age 2 son, and one for my new daughter. He (yes, my best friend is a guy) told me that he wanted them back one day when he had kids of his own.

So, fast forward 10 years. BF (best friend) and his wife were getting scared that they’d never have kids. They both went through fertility tests, and eventually she started on fertility treatments. I was starting to worry that they’d never have kids, and I’d never be able to give the jerseys back. :frowning:

Then, earlier this year, she got pregnat. They’re expecting their baby girl on the first of the new year. :heart:

Tomorrow is BF’s birthday. What a perfect gift to give him? He has probably forgotten about the jerseys, but he’ll get them back tonight. For the presentation, I wrote him a poem to read before he opens the gift, and wanted to share the story, and my poem with you.

[i]Years ago, you gave me a gift,
"But, it’s only a loan, I say."
Given to me with the note,
you wanted it back one day.

There was a time when I wasn’t sure,
if I ever could comply.
But now you’ve gone and made it so,
I can return it with a sigh.

Truth be told, I’ve hoped and waited,
for this blessed day to come.
When it would finally leave my hands,
and go back to those it came from.

While it will be used by someone else,
by who, we’ve yet to know.
The meaning of this gift will soon
reveal itself… with room to grow.[/i]

I hope he cries. :wink:

very sweet, Silver! he will love it. :smiley: :heart:

If he doesn’t cry, he’ll want to. Such a nice poem. :inlove:

Oh MY. I sure did, and I don’t even KNOW him, but I am willing to bet he does…you must let us know!

It’s beautiful, just like the person that wrote it.


that’s so cool…your poem gave me chills. He’ll :heart: :heart: :heart: it.

How sweet Silver, it’s great that you finally get to return the gift! sniffle made me cry a little!

Sil, that is AWESOME. :heart:

Well gosh, you made me cry! He’ll love it!

Silver that is so sweet :heart:

oh silver that is a beautiful story! what a lucky little girl to have so many people who are so excited to meet her!

can’t wait to see what beautiful creation you come up with for her!


Silver, I am sure he will be touched. If he does not cry, then I am sure his wife will! You made many of us on this list well up and we don’t even know him! What a great friendship the two of you must have!

Sil, you are a GREAT friend, as I am sure that he is! I do believe, without a doubt, you will all see a grown man cry, did you, did he cry?! What a lovely story and a very heartfelt and touching poem!
fyi…made me cry…I could hardly read it…my question is this; did u read it without crying?..how did it go? You did do the presentation on Fri nite, right?

He LOVED the gift. He couldn’t believe I still had them, and that I had been waiting to be able to give them back.

He got a little choked up, but the damn waiter came and interrupted the gift exchange. He walked up as BF was reading the poem (to himself), and started asking everyone if they needed anything in a loud, boisterous voice. Then he saw the little jerseys and said “They look a bit small for you, birthday boy”… trying to be funny. If the waiter hadn’t interrupted, I’m sure BF would have cried. The whole thing was a mess because of the waiter. :evil:

However, later he did pull me aside and gave me a huge hug and told me how much it meant to him. :slight_smile:

That’s a wonderful story! :heart:


You didn’t cry, Sil?! I guess the waiter just messed the waterworks up for all! I would have asked him to leave, I’m like that…I would have been polite, tho :wink:
Oh…I know he is still thrilled! You are a great friend :wink: