OT: Monster House

I just wanted to give other moms a heads up that this is a movie you should see first to see if it is appropriate for your kids. I was really shocked at the adult themes in it, and it was also REALLY scary. I was scared, and we left halfway through the movie.

No way should it just be PG. It’s too much for little kids, IMO. (It was too much for me. :oops: )

Thanks for the heads up. I know the boys want to see it, but maybe we’ll wait–at least for Ryan, anyway. (he’s 6)

Thanks, I was wondering about that. My DS 7 wants to see it and I figured we would wait 'til it was out on video so I could prescreen it. Now I know I made the right choice…

I agree 100%. My son is 6 and kept his head in my husbands shoulder the whole movie. Wish I would have known this was more of an adult movie before we took him.

More and more you can’t assume that just because something is animated that it’s for kids. Shrek was really good in having jokes that all ages would appreciate, but that were also appropirate for all ages! I’m not bemoaning a lack of kid-friendly entertainment because I haven’t noticed such a thing but I could be less aware than some people…

There really isn’t a lack in childrens movies. The problem is distinguishing between the kid and the adult movies in a lot of cases. DH and I do a lot of prescreening now days.

Thanks for that tip. I will definatly hold off until it comes out on video for this one. :smiley:

What makes it difficult is that these movies are previewed CONSTANTLY on Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel. My 8-year-old mentioned seeing this movie. I appreciate the heads up.

We rented the gamecube game and it wasn’t bad, I will also be prescreening this one as well.

:thumbsup: Thanks for the heads up… my 5yr old wanted to see it but I told him I wasn’t sure… from the previews I wondered about it…I try to hear from others before my son sees a movie… or dh and I watch it first… He can’t wait to watch HP but we feel he isn’t ready for it yet…

Thanks for sharing that- I wanted to go see it, but my 7 and 9 yr olds said they didn’t want to, since they thought it would be too scary. I’m glad that I didn’t try to persuade them to go anyway- it would have been one of those “MOM, I told you so!!” moments. :rollseyes:

:rofling: :roflhard: :roflhard: Talk about a role reversal. :lol: :rofling:

Our local movie reviewer mentioned this; said it could have been PG-13 for some scenes. However, my 7 (ds) & 10 year-olds (dd) wanted to see it, so we went. My dd was fine, but I could see my ds looking scared at one point, so I asked him if he wanted to leave, but he said he was OK, so we stayed.

Had I seen this movie at 7, I probably would’ve had nightmares. I prescreened HP for the kids (dd saw it, ds didn’t), but you hardly think you have to do that for cartoons.

I agree it was a bit grown up. We took our (just turned today) 4 year dd to it and she loved it, but I was a bit worried as she was scared at first. However, we talked to her throughout and we have always stressed with her that it is “just a movie” and not real whenever she sees something scary.