OT: Mahna Mahna

Watch it in full screen. That is all :smiley:

Mahna Mahna

i remember that!!!
check out the one called “crybaby” too!!! too cute!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I always thought they were saying “phenomena”!

The group Cake does a version of this on the “For the Kids” CD…

if you haven’t heard this CD, you HAVE to check it out…I own it and For the Kids Too and I don’t even HAVE kids!! I love them! Not annoying kiddie music, both are very well done. They have artists like Barenaked Ladies, They Might Be Giants, Sarah Harmer…

:oops: and thus concludes this commercial advertisement…

That’s VERY cool, FG! THe same thing with the Schoolhouse Rock songs…a bunch of bands covered those & it is AWESOME! I own Schoolhouse Rock on DVD…they make me HAPPY. :mrgreen:

LOL thanks for that I love those two men in the box… yeah Muppets!! :rofling:

Thank you, Beldie! I haven’t seen this one for years, but I remember when it was on the Muppet Show, which I dearly loved. Ahhh … the good ole days. :nostalgic emoticon:

Funny thing… I saw this post between classes. Got to my 1:30 class and a few girls in my class were singing phenomonon! :roflhard: Made me think of your bird :lol: