Yay!! I bet she’s just a little overwhelmed right now… a new family, a new home, new smells, sounds, etc. Maybe she took some time off to figure out what’s going on and clear her head. Once she realizes she can trust you and she’s got a good thing going she’ll be ok. :cheering:

Peaches is doing good this morning. I was able to catch her last night and I brought her in to my bathroom. Shes all set up in her little kitty den, proper facilities, and food. :slight_smile:

She will be an outside cat, I can tell however she would prefer it otherwise. But she is longhaired and sheds alot! Even hours after her bath.

Yeah I am going to look into microchipping her. I had such guilt about any things I did wrong with her over the last few days and would hate to be without her again. She is a mature cat and I would like the rest of her life to be secure. I’ll ask the vet next week when I take her in to get her fixed.

Thanks everyone. I’ll post a picture of her when I get a good one. :slight_smile:

whew i’m glad to hear she’s home. :cheering:

I’m so glad your kitty is home! :hug:

I’ll second microchipping – we’ve got one of our cats microchipped, and our other three are going to be when they go to the vet for shots. That microchip syringe sure looks evil though.

Oh gosh, I am so glad you found her and she is back home! Our cat is strictly indoors as she has had her front claws removed, but the stupid pizza guy keeps coming to the front door when he delivers and last time B just stepped right out. I totally freaked out! And went out to get him telling him to sit, which he did! :rofl: (We have a yorky who sits for treats and B learned to sit for treats so he sits when I tell him to, thank goodness. I almost strangled the dumb *** as he just stood there when B got out. Our front door opens out and there are big bushes on each side of the walk so it is hard for more than one person to get down the walk!

Anyway, I am soooo glad she is back with you guys!

:cheering: :happydance: :woohoo: :woot:

Just wondering how Peaches is settling in??

I’m so glad that Peaches made it back home! :hug: