I havent been around lately, with homeschooling, Christmas, and lifeitself, I’ve had to stop knitting for a bit, and havent even been visiting “Watcha Knitting”. Anyway I know you all love animals as much as I do.

Yesterday dh told me about this sweet cat, she is orange with huge white paws and some white on her tummy. When we got to the warehouse she was at, she just walked right up to me and rode in the truck as if she were a dog, not a cat. I started falling in love with her. She sat on the couch with my daughter for two hours being loved on and is the sweetest most loving kitty I have ever had. Petting her made me remember how much I missed having a cat, and I was really appreciating her. Anyway one of the kids opened the door and she ran out. We can not find her.

Would you’ll please pray for Peaches to come home. She is sweet and I miss her. I feel silly since we just got her. But she is the right cat for us right now. And Im devestated. WE spent the morning putting out fliers, visited all the places they could possibly take her and we put an add in the newspaper. So I’m doing my part. Thanks.

:hug: :pray: :hug:

:hug: :hug: :hug: I’m so sorry to hear you lost your new friend. Was she living at that warehouse you mentioned? If not, is it possible that she belongs to another family? If the warehouse was her “home,” have to checked to see whether she went back there? I really hope you find her because she does sound like such a good match for your family. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Since she’s not in her familiar territory, she’s possibly in hiding. Kitties that this happens to go into what is called “cover mode”. They usually hide for several days to get their bearings before trying to find their way home. And since she didn’t get a chance to get to know you and accept you as her “family” then she probably won’t show herself to you if you go out looking.The best thing you can do - if you aren’t already doing so - is to put food out for her. Always in the same place, always at the same time. Something smelly in case she has moved a few houses away and is hiding under somebody’s deck, or whatever.

If you realize that she’s eating the food you put out - and it could take several weeks to lure her in - you might have to trap her in a humane trap (usually you can borrow them for free at your local animal shelter). More than likely she won’t be the friendly cat you met at the warehouse, because she will be scared being in a strange place.

I used to volunteer for an organization that helped people find their lost cats - I have lost one in the past myself - so if I can give you some advice from what I learned then I will be happy to help!!

Please don’t give up on her too fast!

Im not giving up hope~!

She was living in the warehouse and dh did let them know to please call us if she came back. She would ride in the employees laps while they operated forklifts! LOL So she is pretty easy going.

All our neigbors know we are looking for her. And that is a great idea about the stinky food. And it didnt occur to me to borrow a trap. Thanks for that tip!

I’ll let you all know how it goes.


:heart: :hug: :heart:

I hope you find her! :hug:

A neighbor two houses down found our little note we left in her mail box. She called and said they saw Peaches this morning.

So I know Peaches was still close this morning! Yeah! Tomorrow we will hit the houses that way with flyers!

Some good has come out of this. My kids are talking to lots of our neighbors. We know most of the families on our street. But I hadnt realized how many retires were on the streets next to ours. Which has been really heartwarming to see them so hopeful that we find our kitty.

oh, I hope you find your kitty! I lost mine once when I had had him just about 6 months, and he had never been outside of our yard. He showed up looking tired and a little thin 5 days later, but that was a LONG 5 days! Definitely it is still early and she will almost certainly show up! :hug:

Looks like those flyers are paying off – hopefully you’ll be able to find her soon. :slight_smile: And that’s great about getting to know your neighbors, too!

I’ll pray the Lord lead’s her home!

:hug: :hug: to you that you find your Peaches!!!
Our Binky’s main goal in life it to get free. He jumped out our bedroom window several summers ago and DH even took off work the next day to put up flyers in our neighborhood :heart: we looked late into the night for him and found no kitty, but that there are some people that do certain things in the park down the street late in the dark :oops:
Anyhow, the next day, when my neighbor caught wind of the ordeal and I was telling her how he knocked out the screen (saw another cat), I glanced across the street and there was the little booger waddling out around the front of our neighbor’s house. He most likely sat under their bushes all night (although his claws were raggedy). No injuries and he didn’t even try to run when I went to fetch him. Had Shirley not come to our door at that very moment, I probably wouldn’t have even seen him! That was the loneliest night not having our kitty to snuggle in bed. Anyhow, we took him to the vet for a checkup to make sure he was ok and she said that cats are very good at not letting you see them when they escape…they can be right under your nose!
Good wishes and success that you find your new pet. He’ll appreciate the effort when he gets home, Binky sure did. He practically jumped out of my arms into the door when I opened it up to put him inside! :roflhard:

She is back!

She is hiding in our garage! She must be sneaking in and out. Little stinker.

Hamburg Knitter, We are having so much company over this Christmas we are having lots of company. Should we try to get her in the house before then or should we let her stay in the garage till after Christmas? I feel like either way its going to be hard.

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers for Peaches. I feel blessed.

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I suppose the bustle of holiday visitors could be overwhelming, I would guess if not in the garage, make sure kitty has a private place that is comfy and he/she can hide, making sure you have food and “facilities” close by. When we have company, my cat is usually fine, but if he doesn’t go off on his own and people are in and out, or perhaps guests may not appreciate a “visitor” if he chooses, I put him in our bedroom and he sits on the bed like a king on his throne.
My 2 cents…

If she felt comfortable in the house you might want to try and get her to come back in. When guests are there just keep her in a quiet bedroom with her litterbox and a place to snuggle into and she should be okay. You can check on her and give her some love during the day. :hug:

However if she really doesn’t want to come in give her the same comfort in the garage so she won’t run away from all the noise and activity.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Welcome home, Peaches!

:hug: :hug: :cheering: :cheering: :hug: :hug: so glad to read she is home :slight_smile:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: So glad she came back to you!!!

I’m so glad she’s in your garage! :cheering: It’s amazing how many people lose their cats and then find them right under their nose - and many many cats are able to hide literally just a few feet away for weeks or even months. They sure do know how to make our - and their own - lives complicated! :wall:

I would try to bring her in, but keep her in a quiet room when you have company. And if possible, lock her in so that nobody can open the door, just to have her escape again.

Do you want to make her an inside-only cat or will she have outside access? You should keep her inside for 4-6 weeks in any case so that she learns that this is her new home. And consider getting her microchipped and see if she will tolerate a break-away collar. That way, if she disappears again she is wearing a collar that identifies her to people as a non-stray and provides them with a phone number to call. And the microchip will let you sleep easier at night, because if she is caught by animal control they can identify her as your pet and you don’t have to worry about her being euthanized while you are looking for her. :pout:

I’ll bet you’re so glad to have the little stinker home. :heart: