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I need some help. I need to get better lighting for my tv/sofa area. There is recessed lighting but it’s a pain to use. I basically have to turn on all six flood lights just for my part of the room. I am looking into these two: Ott Lite or this one: Full Spectrum. Have any of you had any experience with either one? Any suggestions would be great.


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Neither of your links worked for me and I can’t fix them because I don’t know if it’s a specific product or not.

I don’t have an answer, but will be watching for replies. I have problems with lighting, too. We got some new lamps that have two bulbs so I now have more light, but it’s still not really good enough. I notice when I’m outdoors that I can see so much better so maybe something that simulates outdoors would work? :thinking:

I find that a high-wattage bulb pointed straight at my work is usually all I need - Though sometimes I need to flip on a few extra lamps.

I love my Ott light … Joann’s 50% off coupon !!! It is like getting new eyes.

I have a small Ott-Lite on my desk that I love. By the couch I have a Balanced Spectrum Lamp from Frist Street. It is very similar to an Ott-lamp and considerably less expensive. My mom is a quilter and uses both the Ott lamp and Balanced Spectrum and hasn’t noticed a difference between the two. I do love having a light for knitting - I have a lot less stress on my eyes.

I don’t have either of those, but my mother, who sews and quils, swears by her Ott-Lite.

I have a full spectrum light which I purchased from Sears on the internet. If I didn’t have it, I probably couldn’t knit. It’s a blessing even during the day.

I just hope I can get a new bulb someplace if this this burns out.

I have an Ott-light and migraines and actually find it too intense for me (I have the small desk version). The Ott-lights are designed to correctly display true colors to make matching easier and more accurate. I know that they are used for task lighting, but I don’t think that was their initial use. The floor model maybe better, I don’t have any experience with that. I would suggest getting a nice bright task light for beside your chair. I received mine as a gift but only use it when working with dark (black) fine thread that is difficult to see, I use the regular lamp beside me when I need other additional lighting, because working with the ott-light will often trigger a migraine for me.

One note, the light bulb for the ott-lights and full spectrum lights can be 3-4 times more expensive than traditional bulbs. It is something to keep in mind. I am not one to discourage anyone, just make sure they are aware of all of the facts before they buy.

Thanks for the help. After looking at both lights I decided to go with this one:

My new lamp


Oh god, my Aunt Linda has that lamp. She loves that movie and puts the lamp out every Christmas during the marathon. :rofling:

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