OT: Knitting "Journal"

Well, after looking at the SnB Knitting Journal, I decided I just didn’t want to spend AUS$27.00 on it just because it was pretty.

Sooooooo, I went and bought myself a really pretty blank Journal and got on my PC and printed a few tables… :smiley:

Now, when you open the book, I have a needle conversion chart and a ‘needle have list’, then I have several pages of “measurements” (mainly for socks and hats).

I have graph paper for any designs or lace patterns I might want to make up.

All for the grand total of AUS$8.00 !!!


:cheering: I plan on doing something similar, but I’m a big procrastinator…

The thing I REALLY didnt like about the SNB journal is that it’s wrapped up in plastic and you can’t see what you’re even getting - at least, here you can’t.

You can sort of see some of it here:

I think you’ll enjoy your own creation a lot more. :wink:

I think its too small. Knitting deserves a big 8x10 binder with rings so you can take stuff in and out. Its a cute looking book. Maybe you could put it inside your binder!

I really just wanted a notebook that I could carry around with me, jot ideas down, have a running list of needles etc that I already own. An 8x10 folder would be a tad large to put in my handbag… :lol:

I have that problem right now! I have several regular size binders for pattern & note storage. They work great, but I definitely need something smaller as a working portable notebook. How great it would be to drop into my LYS and have small pictures or diagrams of future projects with me along with yarn requirements. I could also have pics of FOs to show and info about them in case I wanted to make another. I have my list of needles on a 3X5, but I always forget to take it with me.

OK! That’s it - I’m getting or making a smaller notebook.

My journal is a zipper-closed 3-ring binder called ‘Cliff-Hanger’. It has pockets inside the front cover for pens, pencils and a calculator. I got some of those plastic 3-ring binder page protecter pocket sleeves, open at the top, and started ripping all the pages out of my tattered spiral-bound to put them in protective plastic. I also use those to put yarn wrappers into, along with patterns I’ve down-loaded and printed out. All my conversion charts are readily available, and I placed several sizes of blank design graphs in plastic so that I can use dry markers to try out patterns before I commit to a permanent chart. Then I got the idea of getting the plastic 3-ring binder pages that have pockets for CD’s to store circulars in. Of course, the bigger ones fit in the top-open pages, but since the entire thing zips closed all the way around, I never lose a thing. And it fits in my traveling bag.
Thoght I’d share that with ya’all :thumbsup:

Trucker… I really like some of your ideas. That would make for a good travel package! I think I need to borrow the dry erase idea! When we put the school supplies on clearance in September, I stocked up on stuff to start concentrating more on my designing, so I have most of what I need already. I think I’ll be getting some dry erase markers at Staples on Monday though! :smiley: BTW, welcome to the forum! :happydance:

There are some great ideas here. I am going to try to do a journal this year. I did finally find the dividers I needed to put in my pattern binder. I had put the patterns in protectors and needed big dividers to stick out past the protectors. New problem now. My binder looks great, but the dividers stick out of it :doh: . Now I need a new binder. I was going to get a bigger one anyway so maybe I will use it for the journal. Or maybe I will do it on the computer like I do my garden one. I just scan the seed envelopes in and have all the info. I could do the same for the yarn wrappers. This sounds like fun.