OT, kitty sick and needed to vent

So one of my cats is sick and I’m worried to death. I’m not able to take him to the vet until tomorrow(monday) and I feel so horrible about it. I woke up to hear him throwing up on Saturday. It was just a clear liquid so I thought he was trying to dislodge a hairball so I gave him some hairball treats. But he’s been throwing up since… and hasn’t eaten or accepted water from what i’ve seen. I’m soo scared. I hate taking him to the vet because he gets so anxious and terrified. Plus I have no idea how we will be able to afford the tests I know the vet will want to run. My husband has to take him to the vet since I can’t get the time off work. I feel like such a bad cat momma!

Please keep my Cozmo in your hearts. :heart:

and thank you so much for reading this!

Now–you’re NOT a bad cat mama!! And it seems it’s always on a weekend when they get sick. Cosmo could just have a little infection and need antibiotics–just make sure he can get to some water if he wants it, he’s not going to starve before Monday!!

Our vet has always let me pay —by the month–until I can pay it all—so I don’t think yours would want you to pay it all now!! Don’t worry about that, either—now you get some sleep sp you can get up tomorrow and take Cosmo!!! :heart:

Cozmo is definitely in my thoughts and heart! I know exactly how you feel having my own furball have 2 knee surgeries and probably 2 more in the future (he’s a 70lb mix, and oh so cute!).

You are not a bad cat momma though! The simple fact that you are worried shows this. And you are doing the best you can and getting him to the vet ASAP. Hopefully, it will be something easily treatable and he’ll be back to normal.

thanks for your support! Right now he’s sitting in front of his food and water, looking so forlorn and looking like he’s thinking “if i could only hold down a little…” poor little (well, actually quite big) guy! :wink:

Kitty hugs for your kitty!

Your poor kitty!

I know all about that sort of thing. We have an accident-prone cat - she’s only just over a year old and has been to the vet more times than I can remember - numerous injured paws, a broken leg, the flu… She’s had so many antibiotics and antiinflamitries in her short life I’m surprised she’s not immune to them! It’s just about time to get her latest lot of stitches out…

Anyway we decided to get pet insurance when we found out that the cost to cover her for a year was the same ammount that we spent at the vet in ONE WEEK! Just something that you may want to consider.

She’s not naughty, she just makes bad choices :rollseyes:

Anyway I hope he gets better soon. You’re not a bad mummy because you notice and care!

if she can pass the pinch test, shes hydrated enough not to worry that she will pass in the night. take her skin between her shoulder blades and lift up. if it stays, shes really dehydrated. if it bounces back in place shes ok for now.

if she is dehydrated, you can try dropper liquid, or best, if you can get ahold of insulin syringes and fill them full of saline or sterile water (available at drug store) and inject them not in the muscle, but below the skin. that water will absorb through her circulatory system.

im probably being too cautious telling you this stuff, but i know what its like to have a sick sick animal and not be able to afford emergency care (walk in the door and its 150.00 right then and there. just for an assessment!)

i found a pretty decent site that explains lots of signs and symptoms in kitties

ill keep cozmo in my thoughts and heart tonight.


Awwwww! Poor kitty! The last two times my cat got sick was on a weekend, too. We ended up having to go the emergency clinic and man was that expensive!

Hugs to you both! :heart:

Sorry about your kitty :frowning: . Hope it works out okay and that she’s all right.

I’m so sorry your baby is sick. My boy did the same thing a while back, right after he would eat he’d turn around and throw up and most of the time it was just bile. And I too, was freaking out cause they are never sick. I called the vet and he said to give him the petromalt twice a day for a week and I did that and he got better. I’m sure its nothing serious, but I too will say a prayer for you and your baby. :heart: :heart:

I tell you these kids, they are my life also, so don’t think you’re not doing enough, going a day without food or water is just fine. Mine could stand to go a week :wink: :lol: Such tummies on those two.

Remember this too, people who love their animals as if they were their children should NEVER be ashamed for feeling the way they do. There’s more of US out there than one might think. :wink: My friend once told me that its because God made us to feel that way. We can’t help the way we feel about things and wanting to give our ‘kids’ the world is a wonderful character trait, embrace it.

Oh, I’d be sick with worry if it was my cat. Good luck tomorrow. I hope everything works out alright!

Cozmo will be in my thoughts and prayers. You’re not a bad cat momma! I felt the same way about me when I had to take mine in for surgery in March but I was just feeling helpless at not being able to help him. You’re great for taking such good care of him.

Here’s hoping Cozmo is back to his old self soon.

Oh don’t feel you’re a bad mommy!! You are not!
My kitty is sick right now too (bacteria in her urine)…both of them puke daily…it’s always their food. Doctor said nothing seems to be wrong with them other than their food. So, now I have to go find some hypo allergenic (sp?) food for their little tummies.

I’ll keep you and Cozmo in my thoughts!! :heart:

thank you all so much! reading all your responses made me feel so much better! I’m too sick with worry to even go to work and let my husband take him to the vet… So work will just have to deal with that! I know they will be mad too… last month a woman’s dog died and she didn’t come in. My co-workers attitudes were just appalling! I’m calling a few vets offices as soon as they open this morning… so hopefully I can get this taken care of.

The people on this board really warm my heart. You guys are so great! :cheering:

gentle hugs for both of you. It’s so scary when they get sick, and you feel so helpless. Let us hear how the vet visit goes.

update on Cozmo:
So I just got back from the vet. Cozmo had gotten a lot worse since last night. They decided to admit him since he was dehydrated and possibly had low blood sugar since he was shaking so bad. He was so weak that he could barely use his hind legs. Also, he must have been lying in his own vomit because he had some in his fur. So they are going to hook him up to an IV for fluids and then Xray to see if there’s any blockages. I don’t know how my husband and I will be able to pay for the visit… it was quoted at over $500. :frowning:

but still, thanks again to everyone for the kind words.

:crying: Oh no…I hope they figure what’s wrong with him!!! I’m so sorry…My thoughts are with you!
:heart: Cozmo :heart:

When Peanut needed surgery it cost almost $800. I ended up getting a high-limit credit card and putting her bill on that, then I paid it off and never used it again. I hope you are able to find a solution. Good luck to cosmo.

I’m so sorry to hear about your baby, I’ll keep saying a prayer throughout the day for him and you.

I can’t imagine they wouldn’t do a payment arrangement with you. That
is a lot of money to have to shell out in one visit. It never hurts to ask. Good luck.

I asked them about arrangements, but the most they would do was take a deposit and then the full amount would be due when he is released. There also was the option of getting this credit card that was only good at veterinary hospitals, but my credit isn’t so hot so i knew I wouldn’t get approved.