OT: King Kong

I’m gonna talk about this film so don’t scroll down if you don’t wanna see

Just saw this movie with my 9 year old (He’ll be 10 on Wednesday so I gotta stop saying that :shock: ) We went to see the 6:45 show and didn’t get out till 10pm!! My boss had a showing of the 1933 version for us so we could have it fresh in our minds so we could see this new one (He’s weird that way). My son kept noticing things along the way “Hey they did that in the old movie” From what I hear, Peter Jackson made this movie as an homage to the 1933 version (apparently the 1976 film was just a fluke). There were a lot of similarities and gratutious sceen stealing but overall this was a differrent film. It was a sappy love story. The 1933 version was a Heart of Darkness story (which this new version alludes to). It wasn’t as patronizing as I thought it would be. The scenes with the natives was really freaky. I guess they were simulating a people who were trapped on an island with huge ferocious beats so I guess that’s what made them so savage :?? I don’t know, it was freaky. Anyway, just wondering what other folks thought of this film.

I was planning to go see this with my brother until I found out it was three hours long. Not sure if my butt can handle that! If we do go, I’ll let you know what I think, even though I haven’t seen the 1933 version…

I saw it, I :heart: it. I knew he died but…They REALLY killed him! :crying:

I want to see this movie, I love Peter Jackson’s work, and the original is one of my very favorites, but I get so upset when King Kong is killed, just start boo-hooing. My husband said maybe we watch most of the movie, and leave when Kong gets to the top of the Empire State Building!

But there are some of the most beautiful moments up there!!!

I went in with my boyfriend and his brother not knowing how long it was, but I could handle it…After a while I was like “okay when’s it gonna end?” Now, I know, I never saw the movies before named “King Kong”…but I wanted to see this because of Jack Black. I’ve drawn the man like, oh I dunno, like 5 times. I had an obsession lol. And I knew he was trying to get away from his old persona. My boyfriend finds it hard not to laugh at the faces he makes even when he’s trying to be serious though.

Yes, the savage islanders were freaky. My boyfriend says he’s going to have nightmares. I started laughing when I saw them.

I thought the movie would be worse since there was a lot of CG, but actually they’re coming along. Kong looked pretty cool for being CG even on closeups. But of course, they modeled him after a real Gorilla - so duh, it looked nice and detailed. But the things I thought were dumb were when stuff would move in CG. Like when she was on his back, she wasn’t slipping off…after all that movement you KNOW in real life she would’ve fallen to his armpit and been hanging on for dear life. And then just the way things would move - it’s like they move too fast for being “real”.

Also, when they are trying to get away from skull island - where’d all the crew come from?! to begin with there were only like…about 20 people and then a bunch of them died, and then when they’re trying to escape in the cave, a bunch more guys get killed. :??

There was other stuff that made me roll my eyes, but it’s a movie so what can you do?:rollseyes:

Overall it was a good movie though. I’m not really into those kinds of movies, but it was a free ticket. I thought it was a decent movie, I just don’t know if I’d sit through it again. It was pretty long. That seems like a movie that needs an intermission - same with Peter Jacksons other movies. Damn my butt started to hurt.

Jack Black did a good job, I think. I mean, I know they could’ve done better, but it’s a good start for him to show people he can do other stuff. lol. It’s just funny that following this he’ll be in Tenacious D:The Pink of Destiny.

And the main lady reminded us a lot of Nicole Kidman, but I know that the make up they did in Moulin Rouge was also for around the same time period…so maybe it’s just a coincedence.