OT- kind of

Does anyone know the sign lanuage sign for knit? My 18 month old was pointing at my work, so she wants to know what the sign for it is. I looked on the ASL page, but it didn’t have it.

Heya Nik~

We use sign language with our son and it is great. A lot of the words we wanted to use with him weren’t on ASL (we use that site too), so I would get a bit creative and try to think of a similar word. How about “yarn pattern”? Both of those signs are in ASL. Or make up your own gesture for it, if you’re not particular about it being actual sign language speech.

Ooooh good idea… I think I’ll just use “yarn” it kind of close to her “banana” but it should work. Thanks!!!

My mom knows ASL from years ago, I could call and ask her, if you still want to know?


Could you spell it? Knit, or knitting, or yarn or whatever?