OT: KH on Facebook

I did not know KH was on Facebook!! I would have been all over that a long time ago!!

OK so if any of yall are on facebook or want to be now…go and friend KH, and me too…:)make sure you say something about KH tho…or ill think your spam…LOL

Usually I am the last one to “discover” these things. I sent you a Friend Invite :wink:

Been on the FB KH for awhile…sent an invite…

me too!! :blooby:

Sent you an invite too :slight_smile:

I’m now a fan

Ive been a fan since I posted this and they havent posted anything new in there??

It’s true. We have been slacking at our facebook duties. Anytime Amy or I head into facebook the time just vanishes. It’s a dangerous place for productivity. We’ll try to get some things up there again soon. :mrgreen: