OT: In the news

Saw this article on the BBC news.


It’s a real shame people have to use things like email and now blogs to spread their worms and viruses.

I think we’re alright though, the way I read it, the addy of the blog has to be emailed to you.

Am I right?

Well, the addy doesn’t necessarily have to be emailed to you I think. But you do have to go to the actual website where the blog is and maybe on that blog click around on a few links that might be on there.

It could also be distributed by putting it in a signature like you have done with your blog; someone goes there and clicks around on the links you’ve put up and voilá: they are infected.

It’s just that according to that article, in order to get people to their fake blogs, they send out mass emails and spam people in other ways to get the link through so people can click it.

It’s just as with other mail you get I suppose: do not click on any links or open any attachments that are sent by someone you don’t know or make very sure you’ve got a good firewall and up-to-date virusscanner.