OT: I'm tired...moving sucks

well, the title says most of it…lol We’re getting ready to move into a house (mine and DH’s 1st HOUSE, we’ve lived in apartments since we got married 7 years ago) I’m excited about moving, but all of this packing and extra cleaning is wiping me out. Plus, my arthritis is acting up making it all even worse. I’m 24…I’m not supposed to feel 100! I know it’s all worth it, we are getting a big backyard for the kids to play in, each of the kids gets their own rooms, plus there’s an extra room that is going to be a computer room for DH and a craft room for me. I just want all the packing and moving to be over with. plus…i’m kinda sad that all of my knitting stuff is packed away :frowning: lol

aw :heart: congrats on the house!!! :cheering: I know how you feel, we bought our first house in April and I am the laziest person you’ll ever meet when it comes to packing and cleaning. the hardest days were the 3 that we spent actually moving into the new place (the 2 of us did it by ourselves). keep that chin up, do a little at a time. just keep working on it.

Oh dear…yes moving is no fun at all! Hopefully you won’t have to do it again for a long while! :heart:

I feel your pain! When we moved into our current house 12 years ago, my husband announced that his next house will be 6 feet long and 6 feet under.


Oh dear…I can relate to that. Although I’m not moving to a house, but an apartment instead.

I’ve already chosen the books that I’ll be able to take, and the next step is weeding out the kitchen. It’s a headache @_@

I know what you mean about moving. But it will all be worth it once you are IN your new home and everything is put away in its place. You’ll love it. :happydance: