OT - I'm just going to cry

I went to do a load of laundry tonight and the sewer backed up into the basement. Which not only causes the immediate problem but that also means no toilet and no showers til it’s fixed!

Two weeks ago we had this problem right when my in laws and parents were visiting. We got a guy in with a power snake and he cleaned out some tree roots going out to the street. Then my husband and his dad snaked the drain between the shower in the basement and the drain that’s currently backing up. Apparently since the house was vacant for 2 years, us moving in loosened up a bunch of stuff also contributing.

After we got it clear my mother in law bleached the entire basement and everything was great until now! I’m going to cry, I really am. :crying: I had to call work and tell them I can’t be in until I can take a shower. Sucks, totally sucks.

Yikes! What a pain! I don’t blame you for crying. I would, too. :hug:

Ha! No, it was in a plastic tub down there but I just recently brought it back up.

I called Roto Rooter. The guy was willing to come out but it would of cost a lot more then if I wait til the morning. I’m going to call my father in law in the morning and see who he had gotten out here last time. Hopefully we get a price break since they were supposed to fix the problem before! But the RR guy was nice, informed me to unplug the water softener so it wouldn’t cycle overnight. I called work and let them know what was going on. I am not going in without a shower.

Hey, here’s a good emoticon for this thread… :!!!:

That’s horrible!! Plumbing problems are the worst! I hope you can get someone out to fix it soon and it doesn’t happen again!!

Oh, I forgot to add that there is also a mouse in the wall that won’t shut up. :wall: Is this a sign that this wasn’t a great house to buy after all?

:hug: hugs for you. Good luck with your plumbing problem, I hope it’ll be fixed soon :muah:

Oh no! That’s awful! I’m relieved to hear that no knitting or fiber related stuffs were harmed in the flood :wink: . I hope you get it fixed soon. I hate pluming problems, though they always remind me of the blessings of indoor plumbing (well… when it’s working). But when it goes wrong it sure can be trouble!! :hug:

We have a mouse or chipmunk or some such small rodent under our shower, though most the time we only hear him in the winter. Still makes me shudder everytime I hear that scritching :oo: .

Oh no - hope you get it straightened out! Work will just have to wait!

that sounds like hell =( HUGS I sympathise greatly and hope it all gets sorted soon. I agree, work WILL have to wait. Your health / happiness is more important right now and you need to get this sorted.

Don’t cry we are all here for you hugs

:hug: :hug: :hug: Oh, you poor thing!


:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

I hope you get this all sorted out and fixed soon…that would suck so bad.

I have pigeons in my attic, right above my bed. They like to ‘get it on’ in the middle of the night. :wink:

:hug: Plumbing problems just s*ck! Hope its quickly repaired. At least you knit while waiting for the plumber/repair person :wink:

:hug: I don’t blame you I’d cry too… I hope you can get the problem taken care of soon… LOL we live where field mouse love to roam… of course the neighbors think I’m funny cause I don’t like them in my house when they have just accepted this is how it is… they are so cute when you see them playing in the snow but when they are in your house :ick: I’m so afraid they are carrying something… I have to have a cat inside and then we have a stray outside that likes to give them to me as gifts for taking care of her I guess :shock:

:rofl: about the pigeons - that would drive me mad (specially since I’m single and live alone LOL)

The mice! Lucky you that you have a cat that likes to do things to them, I have mice in my flat, and I own a cat. She lets them do what they like, she has never yet caught one and given it as a gift even though I give her lovely treats and nice yummies for dinner =(

:hug: :hug: Oh my what a dilemma! We lived in a townhouse a few yrs ago and one day I went to do laundry in the basement and the sewer decided to ‘throw up’ all over the floor, thank goodness I had no laundry on the floor. :ick: Talk about disgusting!!

AND 2 years ago while living here, I started hearing this running sound in the ceiling. I knew she (our landlord) had cats up there, but it didn’t sound like cats. Then in our kitchen I heard something in my cabinet by the dishwasher. Sure enough they had made it into my kitchen. :ick: :ick: We put in a humane trap and kept catching all these mice!! She claims she never heard them, how could she not hear them???

She finally called the pest company and then we had one die right under the vent in the basement. Talk about stinky!!! Hubby had to go and get it out of there…poor guy. :frowning:

Ahhhh isn’t nature wonderful…

Well, it’s 1:35 here and still not fixed. The guy said he’d be by sometime today. I called work at 5:30 am and told them I wouldn’t be in. We are heading out to get something to eat. It’s just a small town hole in the wall so I don’t think they’ll mind my greasy hair. I’ve been watching Colonial House these last couple days. I LOVE Frontier House. Makes me wonder how they could go so long without showers. It’s been a day and I feel grimey :ick: <-- I like this guy, he’s cute!