OT: I think my new vitamins repel mosquitos ~They ignore me!

I must be doing something right. I’m watching everyone around me getting eaten alive and the mosquitos totally ignore me! Seriously! This has been consistent all Spring! With the exception of 1 particularly bad evening, when my neighbors called over the fence at 4:00 to see if we had any bug spray they could borrow. I was watching them swatting themselves. The mosquitos ignored me until 7:30, and I got three bites then (at dusk when they really came out in droves), and that was it. Then, get this, the bites didn’t itch! I swear! I’m not making this up! (Maybe it was something else that bit me?) Anyway, I’m baffled! I’ve never had this happen before, so I’m wondering what I’ve changed! The only thing I can think, is that I’ve been taking supplements on the recommendation of my naturopathic doctor.

In case any of you want to try this out as a scientific experiment, I’ll tell you the supplements I’m on. Maybe it’s one of them? Maybe it’s the combo?..

:arrow: Solgar, Earth Source, Multi-Nutrient. (daily vitamin) 3 per day.

I make a delicious Orange Julius tasting shake which gives me my daily Omega Oils and extra protein. 1 1/2 cups OJ, blended with:
:arrow: Nordic Naturals, Arctic Cod Liver Oil --citrus flavor, (high in Omega 3 oils) 1/2 T per day (expensive, but DOES NOT taste fishy, I recommend this stuff, you can literally stir it into yogurt and it tastes good! You won’t burp up a fishy taste like with other oils)
:arrow: Barlean’s Borage oil, (high in Omega 6’s and GLA’s) 1/2 t. per day
:arrow: Solgar, Whey to go protein powder, Vanilla bean flavor, 1 scoop per day

I’m also taking some medicinal herbs to treat a couple of things, so there’s a chance it could be those. I’ve heard that mosquitos will favor less healthy people over healthier people, so maybe just taking my vitamins and being in good health is what’s doing it? :?? I don’t know, but I’m not complaining!

By the way, my breaking nails are now strong again! (Remember my post this winter, when I was complaining that I couldn’t grow my nails out any more?) I think it was the omega oils; they must feed the nails from the nail bed, because I noticed the difference right away, they didn’t have to grow out from scratch, I noticed the change within two weeks, and they’ve never been this strong before. :happydance: Just had to share.

I hope I haven’t jinxed myself with the mosquitos by telling you all. LOL. But I’m really curious to know if any of you try those supplements if they have the same effect.

I’ve heard that B vitamins can repel insects. I take a full complement of vitamins, but the mosquitos still like me unless I have a sheet of Downy in my pocket (yes, it really works). But the nail thing! I have to cut my nails on a regular basis to keep them from getting too long. I sure never had to do that before vitamins! Plus, even though I work in a school and have two young children in the house, I never get sick. :smiley:

Amy, how did you find your naturopath? (sp?) I have lost 99% of any faith I ever had in mainstream medicine, but I don’t know where else to turn. :??



I asked one of the people at my local health food store. But here’s a website you can search for a Naturopathic Physician: the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. I recommend searching by state, and browsing the results for a local town.

I LOVE my naturopathic doctor. She’s helped me in several ways, cured my husband’s chronic cough, and is helping a friend of mine overcome anxiety problems and also her difficulty getting up in the morning, which are both related to a cortisol deficiency. Not all naturopaths test for cortisol deficiency, so if that’s something you want to be tested for, ask them first.

I definitely consider my naturopathic physician to be my primary physician now. I pay for the visits out of pocket, but they are reasonable, and she offers a sliding scale. In fact, my friend, who is low income, is getting the sliding scale fee and is paying her through bartering by working in her garden, which is something she offered as an option. Cool, huh?! Try doing that at your local HMO! LOL

I hope you find someone you like, definitely give it a shot!
Let me know how it goes!