OT- i have a mystery bird or something

LOL this little guy has been hanging around and doesn’t seem to fly… just hops sort of… and can almost turn its head all the way around… seems to cock it to listen… but who knows maybe that was a coinky dink… so today I chased him around the woods trying to get a good photo… once I got them back to the house and resized them they didn’t turn out very well… I had my camera set on sport prolly should’ve used auto… and s/he does blend in so ya gotta look for him… my question any of you know what it is? just seems lonely walking around all over the place by itsself… :thumbsup: TIA

edit: I thought that would take you to the folder… hmm if not its the mystery bird one :rofling:

ok mystery solved my mom knew what it was its a Quail… mom says she prolly has babies and to stop chasing her :rofling:

I thought quail, too! LOL, yeah, I guess u shouldn’t chase her if she has babies (I bet their cute :wink: ), she might start chasing you :shock:

lol thats what mom said lol

Quails are VERY cute…they chase each OTHER around all the time@!

We have some Hungarian Partridges or “Huns” that waddle around in the field next to where I work. There’s got to be a dozen or more… (let’s see, Keith. Lori, Danny :roflhard: )
Anyhow, there are so cute and pudgey and in winter they all go from feeding spot to feeding spot and the you see the little tracks they leave. From the 2nd floor windows it’s fun to watch. :heart: i love nature!

:rofling: well I talked to mom at lunch time and she said Quail and it was prolly getting me away from the nest… however she told dad and he said it could be Pheasant he would need to know size (I’ve seen pheasants before though in WV :?? )… and that they do call for ya to follow them or lift their wing and kinda pat it… they will also bush out and chase you although he said it prolly wouldn’t hurt me… but they both said the same thing let the poor thing be with its babies… which I just chased it cause I didn’t know what it was LOL and was afraid it was all alone :lol: dad did tell me to watch the cats though… he didn’t figure they could get it but could find the babies… we have one stray cat that calls us home but she doesn’t hunt like she did when she came… I have a nice belly on her now however we do have alot of strays around here… dh got to see it tonight while we were on the porch it was in the neighbors yard… Roo (dd) calls it a chicken :rofling: She kept going to the door tonight going come here Chickkkiiieeeeeee please come here… my son hasn’t spotted it yet though