OT: I gots me a job!

I live on the Southern Oregon Coast, in the biggest town in said region. In spite of it being the biggest town on the Oregon Coast, it is still nearly impossible to get a decent job around here. Unless you want to sell your soul to Sprint/Nextel.

I’ve had some temp jobs in the past 7-8 months that panned out little to nothing worth saving. Including such glamorous occupations as Crap packing (UGH!), and clearing slash/ burn sites from the recent Tan-Oak infestation for the Oregon Dept. of Forestry/ Menasha (exhausting, and unpredictable hours + several hours a day of unpaid drive time). But finally I have found something permanent + it comes with benefits: Steward @ The Mill Casino and Hotel! It won’t be the most glamorous job I will ever have, but they treat their employees with respect; and don’t purposely deny you full time work so they don’t have to give you benefits. (cough cough, wally world)

If you are ever in Coosbay, swing by the Saw Blade restaurant in The Mill Casino, eat a nice meal, with a gorgeous view of the bay. I probably cleaned the plate you will eat off of.

I hope everyone has as good of luck as I have had recently. America can still be a land of opportunity. :cheering: :yay: :woot: :thumbsup: :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: :happydance: :woohoo:

Good News!!


Good for you!! I hope it all goes well.

good for you!

and, whatever line it was you were standing in, to get a decent job with decent pay, I’m next in line!

That is great news.

I hope everyone here, that has been looking for jobs, finds them soon.

Congratulations! :happydance: Full time job with benefits is a rarity these days. Best of luck to you.

I have family in Coosbay, what a small world. I’m glad you found something. I know that as soon as my shoulder surgery is done and they are rehabbed I will start looking for something, but only part time. My husband is not thrilled with me going back full time. He just likes having someone home to do things so he doesn’t have to do any of it. :wink:


Congratulations! I’m from Lewiston Idaho and used to escape to Coosbay as often as possible. I love it there. You’re lucky to be able to live and work in such a wonderful place. I hope the new job works out all around for you.

Congrats!!! :woot:


So glad to hear your good news!!

I’m not a casino person, since they look at you funny when you knit instead of gamble, but I know just where that is.

Congratulations on the job! You’ve had enough crab jobs to deserve it. :wink:


Hooray for job, hope it goes ok.

Congratulations!!! I know how hard it is to find a decent job, my DH has been looking for quite a while now!

knit instead of gamble, LOLOL. I can see myself doing that.

Glad you’re happy!

:cheering: :yay: :woot: :yay: :cheering: