OT: I can be reached best by IM

Hey everyone,

With my schedule being what it has been lately, its been more difficult for me to get on here. :frowning:


I did want to remind/tell everyone that I use a web messenger (IM) during the day and have MSN, Yahoo, and AIM accounts running.

So don’t be afraid to shoot me an IM and say Hi.

We’ve been wondering where you’ve been. Glad to see you’re still popping in now and then.

:waving: Hey to you & Happy Holidays!! My hubby is very busy this time of year, too.

If it weren’t for the fact that it was from Joel, this sure did look like a troll :smiley: Hope you are having fun being too busy!

Joely Bear!

Glad to see you. Busy means you’re in no danger of being fired. YAY! :roflhard:

I was wondering what you were up to as well. I’ll try to catch you on IM. :slight_smile: