OT: How can I get a username change?

I used to be more active here before I had my youngest almost 3 years ago… :aww: I’m getting into knitting again and would love to have my username changed because I’m not just “GabriellesMom” now, I’m also Ruthie’s mom! Could I be 2girlsmom?

Not sure how to ask this or where so I hope this is ok!

I don’t think that name is taken, but I will ask Sheldon (admin) about it. :thumbsup:

Hello Leighann,

It’s all set. You username is now 2girlsmom. Be sure to use this when logging in, as the old one won’t work.

Welcome back!


YAY!! :muah: :cheering: :yay:

Thanks a bunch! I’ll definitely be sticking around this time. :slight_smile: