OT-Help name my dog

I rescued a 3 year old long hair chihuahua. She’s very cuddly. Follows me around everywhere-a total lap dog. I’m struggling with names. My husband and I can’t seem to decide on one.

Anyone know some great dog names, not too common, that would be good for a tiny little girl dog?


Congrats on your new dog. I am (patiently) waiting for my puppy to be born. Here is a list of the names that I have made, maybe it could help you out. I have a three friends who has a chihuahuas. Two are long haired named Bella & Dakota. The short haired one is named Twinkie.

Abby Gaby Mia Bailey Gidget Percy
Bella Ginger* Phoebe* Budgie Greta* Piper
Carly* Gretchen* Roxie Casey Gwen Sadie
Chelesa Gypsy Scout Chloe* Hailey Sophie
Cleo Hannah* Stella Darby Janie Taffy
Darcy Kaylee Tessa* Darla Kelsey* Tuppence
Dori Libby Zoe* Fiona Lila Fudge Lilly

hey lucy fan!

congrats on the new addition… :cheering:

i am a HUGE lucy fan as well, and on that note i think you should name
your new pooch something lucy related!!

how about tropicana? (ricky’s night club)
babalu (u can call her lu or lulu for short)
just plain lucy?? or ethel???

hey all this dog naming makes me want to have another dog myself!

my brother and his family have a chihuahua too, he’s called eddy.

good luck with your name choice, let us know what u decide and send along a pic of the lil cutie…

debby xxx




“She was huge of frame, terrifying of aspect, and with a harsh voice. A great mass of bright red hair fell to her knees: she wore a twisted torc, and a tunic of many colours, over which was a thick mantle, fastened by a brooch. Now she grasped a spear, to strike fear into all who watched her.” Dio Cassius

Wow, thanks for all of the suggestions. There are definately some in there that we hadn’t thought of. After we went to bed last night hubby decided on “Dot”. I like the name okay, but I’m not in love with it. Our cats names came so easily I don’t know why we are so indecisive about it this time. I’m going to mention some of the names that you all gave me tonight and see if he changes his mind. I kind of like Gidget. I’ll let you all know. Thanks so much.

Congrats on the new addition! :heart: It’s so great when you get a new puppy. :heart: I love the name [color=red]Babalu[/color] and [color=red]Ethel[/color]. My next will be a chocolate lab and I’ve chosen the name Cadbury for her.
Nikki :blooby:

I think she sounds like a Sadie!


WE had a little chihuahua named Cugie. His real name was Cugat, because Xavier Cugat carried a chihuahua while performing. Cool, eh!? If we ever have a little female, we thought about naming her Abby, cause Xavier married Abby someone, Abby Lane, maybe? (yup, hubby says Abby Lane) So perhaps you’ll like that name for your new baby. Chihuahuas are so special!!! Love her! samm

My MIL had a Chihuahua and they named him tito. Tito the bandito. He later got kicked by a horse and lost an eye so he was tito the one-eyed bandito. It’s amazing he survived the kick though. He started nipping at the grandkids so they had to get him a new home.

Good luck with your new baby!


My hubby wants a rat terrior or jack russell so he can have a squirrel dog! Right now we have boomer, the lab that eats my knitting and knitting needles, that is “supposed” to retrieve ducks…

Don’t sweat over the name so much… Dot will fit her just fine, just wait!

When I got my cat 6 years ago, he came with this terrible name (Skimmy). I just couldn’t continue calling him that, so I was trying so hard to pick just the right one. Over the course of 3 days, I kept calling him Mr. Kitty until the right one came along. Another one never did, and Mr Kitty stuck. And it’s perfect. It seemed plain and simple but it fits him quite well.

Thanks so much everyone. I appreciate your responses. Hubby is set on Dot, so I’m going to call her Dottie. It’s unique I guess. I work for a vet clinic and I can’t think of any Dotties that have come into the clinic. I’ll be sure to post a picture soon so you can all see my cute baby.

My lab mix is absolutely terrified of water!! No chance of her ever retrieving any duck in the future.

:rofling: :rofling:

As far as a name, I like Lily.

My in-laws constantly name their animals only to have their animals change their names on them. Their dogs generally stay named, although their poodle “Bouclé” tends to become “Boo-boo” or just “poodle”. I’ve seen them go through two cats whose names changed on them. Their black long-hair was Lucy and became Schmusy, Shmucky, and Schmoo. Seriously, we alternately call the cat any one of the three names and she responds. My SIL has a long-hair calico that we originally named Lily, but changed her name to Neener or Nini.

So your “Dot” may eventually decide her name is something else. Just give her time!

Hello to Dottie! :waving:

I love Lucy too! I probably have every show memorized.

:roflhard: :chair: Danielle, I have tears in my eyes because of that story!!