OT: Help me remember the name of this game please!

:thinking: Okay, so I havent been able to think of the name of this word game for three days. My algebra teacher used to use one of the cards to post and see if we could solve the puzzle for bonus points on tests.

Each card had words on it arranged in a literal fashion… like the following

all all all


And it would thus mean “All over you.” there were tons of cards like this. and I wanted the game so bad. I want to say it starts with a “W” but I don’t remember. This was about 2 or 3 years ago that he told us the name of the game. A choir teacher used to draw them on the board too for a bonus.

Thanks in advance! I’m dying trying to find it!


I kid you not, I saw these on a web site last week. But I can’t figure out where it was, and now it’s going to drive me crazy!!!

oh shoot!!! Well if you happen to remember the name at ANY time, please tell me! I LOVE word games and have a growing list of them to get to keep my mind functioning…Don’t you hate it when this frustration catches on like a virus? It happens when my mom can’t remember an actor’s name or a singer, but she knows the face or the movie they were in, she tells me to see if i can remember the name, and I draw a blank but know who it is…


Wacky Words

Thanks! Now I know it’s either wacky words or rebus puzzle :slight_smile: You’re a life saver! :happydance: :heart:

Hmm… I’m trying to find an actual board game title with these rebus puzzles, but I’m not sure “Wacky Words” is it… I know that the types of teasers are the same…but the card game…I’ll keep lookin, if anyone else knows of a physical card game with a title, please infor me :slight_smile: And thanks so much Julie!

You know what? This might actually have been part of the Concentration game. I’m reading the instructions for it, and turns out there are hidden rebus card puzzles in it…

Anyone else have a heads up? I’m still searching for a specific rebus puzzle card game.

There was a board game my parents had called “Whatzit” that has these puzzles in it. You had to solve the puzzles to move around the board. A lot of them were really hard. They’ve had it for prolly about 15 years, so they may not make it any more. I can’t find it online.

a rebus is with pictures, right??? :thinking: