OT.,Help me decide!

We now have an “empty next” and one of the spare bedrooms is going to be my craft room. In addition to knititng I also make Quilts. I admit I haven’t quilted since I picked up the knitting needels!! lol :XX: :XX:

Anyway…my husband just told me today that we will need to wallpaper the future craft room walls not just paint!! So I have been looking online at wall papers. I’d love to find one with knitting, yarn or quilts on it but no luck. Just borders which we are not using.

My question is…shall I pick something I LOVE :inlove: even if it isn’t appropriate for a “craaft room”? I love Toile and bouquets of flowers etc. I am having a hard time decideing. I can choose a plain faux paint looking wallpaper that will not clash with my fabrics and yarns in that room…or I could chooe a paper I LOVE even if it doesn’t match my fabric and yarn stash.

What do you thinK?? Anyone here have a craft room?? :??

I’d choose whatever it is that you love- let the crafts that are in the room speak for themselves, and decorate the walls so that when you walk in the room, you love it!! Get the most beautiful floral print you can find!! Have fun. :smiley:

Absolutely get wall paper you love!! No question.

Since this is going to be your special spot, pick something you love…this of course may inspire you to dig into your stash and make a complementary wallhanging and remind you of why you love to quilt! Make sure you have a spot for your quilting necessities - table, ironing board (its the only time I ever use my iron, LOL) and lots of nice storage for your pretty yarns too!!!

BTW, I too have done VERY little quilting since I started knitting. Last summer I held an ebay fire sale - sold over $200 of ugly fabric that I realized i would never use. This summer I plan on doing it again…its like found money!!!

Well I did see a few wallpaper patterns that I liked but this one is what I just ordered. It has my favorite “rose” color and is very cheery and I love Toile!! See below.


For me it will be a pleasure just to be “surround” by it. It should only take a few days to get here. Thanks ladies!!

  1. DEFINITELY choose something you love! If you love it you’ll want to be in there! Oh I just saw what you chose…very pretty!

  2. Why do you have to paper instead of paint? :??

Well my daughter that had that room “painted” the walls and it was very …how shall I say :crying: …artsy. The paint was thick in some spots and thinner in others and she used two colors.

My dh had to scrap some of the walls and sand and instead of replacing all of the sheet rock in the room he said to put wall paper on it would be easier. :smiley:

That makes sense. Kids do the strangest things sometimes. Apparently my SIL painted her walls a glossy black once when she was a teen. :shock: :shock:

I was just going to suggest American Blind & Wallpaper, but I see you already have found them! Great prices on their stuff!

I vote for putting up what you love. After all, your fabric and yarn stashes will change. No point in trying to coordinate colours with them, I think. Have fun with it! My craft room has a lifesize cardboard Donny Osmond from the musical Joseph! My room has lots of colour and lots of stuff. It is a room just for me and has to please only me. Perhaps yours should be pleasing just for you. samm

:smiley: OMy, the wallpaper that you have chosen is GORGEOUS!! I think you made the correct decision in choosing the paper that you LOVE :thumbsup:

ohhh…the paper you chose is very nice…relaxing and calm. I think it’s perfect for a craft room.

Follow your instincts and go with what will make you smile every time you open that door!

I have a craft room also. Unfortunately it is being used as a guest room right now. How inconvenient! I agree with all here, you pick what you love.

Well I went to Joanns today for some baby yarn and I walked by the home decorating fabrics and spotted a roll on clearance of a fabric that has the SAME colors as the wallpaper that I bought. It has 2 1/2 inch squares on it as the pattern and they are of two of the rose colors and two greens and a pale yellow also. I just KNEW it would match the paper and really be great in the craft room for the window treatments. I bought three yards of it and will have left over for a chair cushion or something!

I love to decorate and I read in a magazine to “have something UNEXPECTED in a room”. I think this geometric fabric will be it!! lol :cheering:

Well I’m glad that you chose the wall treatment that you love! You’re going to spend a lot of time in that room, so you might as well make it as pleasant as possible. I know that if I had my craft room all “done up” that I would find a reason to spend more time in there.