OT-Have some fun, take a Knitting Quiz or 4 (ETA-socks quiz)

[i]Not saying I’m bored or anything :teehee: …but I found these while killing time at work. I haven’t taken them yet…so I don’t know if they are easy/hard.

Good Luck, and don’t think TOO hard :thinking: [/i]

[b][color=green]Quiz #1: Knit With It-How much do you know about the craft of knitting?[/color]

[color=blue]Quiz #2: Knitwittery-Knitting terms and jargon can confuse the novice - how familiar are you with some of the common terms encountered in knitting patterns?[/color]

[color=red]Quiz #3: Purls of Wisdom-Knitting rocks my world! Have you taken up the sticks yet? Take the challenge – this quiz is easier than an Aran Island pullover - promise![/color][/b]

ETA–POST YOUR SCORES (if you dare :oops: )
ETA2–4th Quiz on Socks posted a few down :thumbsup:

Those weren’t too bad! Of course, I knew it all from reading these forums :rofl:

Quiz #1 - 8/10
Quiz #2 - 9/10
Quiz #3 - 10/10
Quiz #4 - 10/10

Although I will say that these quiz’s seem to be designed for Americans with the terminology that they employ…

Now enough mucking around and back to some chores :teehee:

9 / 7 / 10


How much do you know about knitting?
You scored: 10 / 10
Total points: 100
The average score for this quiz: 6 / 10

You scored: 10 / 10
Total points: 100
The average score for this quiz: 7 / 10

Purls of Wisdom 1
You scored: 10 / 10
Total points: 100
The average score for this quiz: 8 / 10

That was fun.

That was fun! I sure wouldn’t have known that much a year and half ago when I started though!

Quiz 1 - 9/10 correct
Quiz 2 - 9/10 correct
Quiz 3 - 10/10 correct

Quiz #1- 10/10 (I guessed on a few :teehee: )
Quiz #2- 8/10
Quiz #3- 10/10
I don’t think I did that badly! :happydance:
Just took the sock quiz- 10/10

One more! Now, I can’t take this, because I’ve never made socks.

Knitting For Your Feet: If you’ve ever worn a pair of hand knit socks, you know how wonderful they are. They’re softer, warmer, and better fitting than anything you could ever buy in a plastic package at a store. How much do you know about making these lovely garments?

On all 4 quizes I scored 70/80/100/ and 90.

Hmm, better study a bit more. But then I had never heard that English style was more “lady like”.

10/10 for all four - do I get a prize? :teehee:

80% on all four. Not to bad I think.

I got all the sock ones correct, too. Surprisingly. :teehee:

quiz #1- 8/10
quiz #2- 9/10
quiz #3- 10/10

7/10, 9/10, 10/10, 10/10
Not too bad for a newbie who has never knit a sock!!

7/10, 7/10, 10/10, 10/10

Those were fun! And I’m also not sure how English is the more lady-like way of knitting :??

My results!!!

1st quiz:

   5/10.   :oops: 

2nd quiz:

   10/10.   :cheering: 

3rd quiz:

   10/10.   :happydance: 

*I’ve never made socks so I didn’t take the 4th quiz.


I think my brain is fried from a four-hour swim meet … not me swimming but my son’s school team.

At least I got all of the sock questions correct!

Thanks for posting these. They were actually fun!

#1: 9/10
#2: 9/10 – but I take issue with my “missed” answer – there is more than one way to make a sweater bigger
#3: 10/10 From now on I’m calling my swatches “snatches.” :roflhard:
#4: 10/10


Knit With It (The trivia quiz) I SUCK!!! 5/10 Horrible. Don’t know much about the history of knitting, do I?

Knitwittery (the how-to quiz) 9/10, much better! At least I know how to knit!!

Purls of Wisdom (the beginner quiz) 10/10 HA!

Knitting for Your Feet (the sock quiz) 9/10 NOT BAD!!

So, basically, if you want to know HOW to knit, I’m your girl. If you want to know the history of knitting, you’re better off asking someone else!

:roflhard: This was fun!!