OT Has anyone else had bad service from Verizon Wireless?

My Alltel cell phone has been taken over by Verizon Wireless. I am finding their customer service and support quite lacking. One would think if you took over another company that you would try to incorporate some of the things they did well. Verizon didn’t…and I’m a bit miffed with them. Anyone else ever have bad stuff happen with Verizon?

I am a newbe using a cell phone. I know that I can do free calls in the evening, but I don’t know what time that starts. I went to the Verizon help site but couldn’t find an answer to this question. The only thing they offer is more service options.

I’ve had Verizon for about 7 years and whenever I have had to call customer service, they’ve been great. I usually end up complimenting the person I’m speaking with because they’ve been so polite and helpful. I’m sorry that you haven’t had the same experience.

I’ve personally never had a problem, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have two good friends that work for their customer service department. When I lived in MI and had Alltel I did have issues with their customer service (this is before Verizon ‘officially’ took over - Alltel has been using their lines for years).

Sometimes I feel like it’s just the luck of the draw, you might get someone super friendly and you might get Oscar the phone grouch.

Generally, I believe non-peak time starts at 9:00 pm through 6:00 am. Then of course weekends are also non-peak times.

I haven’t really had bad customer service from Verizon yet I really dislike our local Verizon store. Never less than 45min - 1 hour wait to get service. Prefer to just deal with customer service over the phone.

As far as phone service/reliability - I’ve never had a problem with Verizon and for that reason alone will never change providers.

Well, I just cancelled my AT&T phone service. DSL is fine, but they nickle & dime you to death on phone costs, then don’t give you what you pay for.

I’ve had Verizon for years and currently share a plan w/ the parents. They only got service in SE AL after the Alltel merge but it is certainly NOT the same quailty I’ve had in b’ham AL. I currently live on the GA/AL state line and the service here kinda sucks :eyes: but that mainly becasue I bounce back and forth form AL/central time towers to GA/Eastern time towers and I NEVER know what time it is. And becasue of the tower issues I have probs getting calls!!! Again never had this prob in a bigger city…so some of it depends on area as much as anything. Customer service online and through is phone are good but the stores rarely are becasue of the LONG waits at all of them…:mrgreen:

We just made the switch to Verzion Wireless back this fall and got rid of the land line. I don’t care for the store at all and we even ordered our phones online, than going through the store.

The only issue I had was they couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t go to the media store to purchase ring back tones…and it took several phone calls. They were all very nice and helpful and would call me back to see if what they changed had worked.

Finally we realized it was something simple I had to first go in through my phone and make a purchase…after that I could go on the computer and through the media store make my purchases :teehee: it took such a long time for this to come about…like 2 months!

Ellieblue~You can also add numbers to your family and friends and call them anytime. Most of our family is in WV and this is how we call and text them…

My husband and I are currently at war with Verizon and had them for around 4 years and it was an amicable relationship up until the last 6 months. They canceled our account and tried to get US to pay for it, lied to us, outright, several times, and when called on it, canceled our contract. It made us smart. We went to another company and so far we’re doing well, we can change phones with no problem (not so with Verizon as they don’t use removable SIM cards and you have to take your phone in to a store to reprogram it if you lose your data).

The only thing I can tell you is that if you want to change ANYTHING on your plan, get it ALL in writing before you agree to anything. I got this advice from a friend who works in the cell phone biz who doesn’t like having to work with Verizon at all. I wish we had known this as it’s cost us, to date, over $900 USD to get things sorted. Get everything in writing, even if it’s just upgrading your data plan.