OT: Halloween help, please

A few weeks ago I asked ds what he wanted to be for halloween. “Kool Aid Head,” he replied, referring to the pitcher of red kool-aid in the commercials. I giggled and thought nothing of it.

Last week I asked again. “Kool Aid Head!” was the enthusiastic reply. Now I was starting to get a bit worried.

About 10 minutes ago I was online and perusing the costume idea sites so I queried one last time. “I already told you Kool Aid Head. Why do you keep forgetting?”

I keep hoping HE’LL forget, but he’s not. So now I’m stuck. How on EARTH am I going to make a Kool-Aid Head costume for a 4 yo that won’t drive him or me insane? I don’t know how to sew, but I do know how to work with felt (hand sewing).


I’d prolly just take cardboard or something like that and draw the shape out… make a front and back… then add color and detail… put him in a jogging suit that blends with the koolaid in the head lol or all black… then put straps on the cut out and just have him wear like they wear signs… that way you don’t have to worry about his vision or getting in the way… maybe a hooded sweatshirt or something? :shrug: :teehee: glad my son just wants to be a knight :rofl:

Yup, I’d use foam board or something like that and cut out the shape, paint it and add the features, put elastic straps for the shoulders and maybe sides. He can carry a plastic pitcher too.

Family Fun always has great and usually cheap ideas for costumes (I love the Come Clean Washing Machine one) and other Halloween stuff. Maybe you can use some of the costume construction techniques for reference.

Family Fun Halloween stuff

Family Fun costume ideas

Dress him in red with a big, scary face on his stomach made of black felt and teach him to do the, “ohhhhhhhh, yeah!”? :shrug:

I googled “kool aid costume” just to see. There weren’t many things there, but I found this blog that had a photo of a kool aid costume that might give you some ideas.


Excellent!!! The juices are flowing now. lol I never even thought of doing it as a sign. Ds was Spongebob last year & I did it much the same - only out of felt and cardboard. I got the idea for it from Family Fun so I don’t know why I didn’t think of it this time. :slight_smile:


When Shannon was in middle school I made a human sized pointe shoe for her to wear. The same concept can be used for any shape, I think. I’m sorry, I don’t have a photo. I don’t remember the gauge wire I used, but it was pretty heavy, plastic coated wire and I shaped it into a pointe shoe, the same can be done for the koolaid shape, I think. I then went over the wire with duct tape…lots and lots of duct tape. Then I used spray glue and sprayed down the duct tape a small section at a time and smoothed a cheap pink fabric over it, I did this until the entire frame was covered and it looked exactly like a pointe shoe. I can see the little man in a koolaid frame right now!
Or, if you can find a really big ball of some sort, you could paper mache over it for the pitcher shape and create from there.
Or, you could make a costume kind of like a pumpkin, but with koolaid colors and paint or put felt on the costume for the face and stuff the insides with batting or anything, really.
That’s all I can think of right now…

What about using a hula hoop for a “frame” around his body? Some red fabric with arm, head and leg holes–connect it to the hulahoop with hot glue and use white felt for the face of the front. You might even be able to install a zipper in the back.

OR use velcro, instead of a zipper!

There’s a website called makingfriends.com (no, it’s not what you’re thinking!) - absolutely packed with craft and arty ideas for every possible occasion and believe me, there are some occasions that you’d think were impossible.

Good luck with the Kool Aid :?? :?? (must be some kind of weird drink thing out there) but whatever, have TONS OF FUN.




Keep those ideas coming! :slight_smile: I am actually looking forward to trying this out now. :slight_smile:

Limey - check out this link to see pictures of Kool-Aid Man. He’s the product “image” from Kool Aid brand drinks. :slight_smile:

One of the pix in the link suggested by KnittAddict is actually a boy in a Koolaid costume! Have fun.

You could have warned me, for Pete’s sake - I was half asleep (with metal fatigue) and then I got hit in the eye with this Red Kool Aid thingy.

You’re gonna need sunglasses, matching that colour but at least folks will see your little lad coming down the street on Halloween Night.

Night, Night, kid


I am not sure I have any suggestsions, but this reminded me of the only year I really remember halloween costumes as a kid. I was cindy lauper, but the best was my brother, he was Mac tonight (from the 80’s mcdonalds comercials) My mom made his costume with a coat hanger, a pillow case and some paint. It was absolutly THE BEST. I know I am no help at all, but hope you don’t mind me sharing. Good luck, enjoy, have fun!

what about buying one of those inflatable sumo wrestler suits and you could spray paint it like the kool aid man.
and you could tie off the arms so they don’t inflate…