OT - Grumpy and sick

Urgh - I have been SOOOO ill.

I’ve been bedridden at my mothers. OK so last week I’m all excited - I’m going to spinning class.

I drive to the south coast have a wonderful day learning to spin, order a wheel and some other stuff and on the advice of my tutor decide to have a Tetanus Jab.

So I go in to see the nurse at my local doctors surgery, they do the usual take blood pressure tell me I’m fat etc then say “ok this jab is Tetanus, diptheria and polio all in one” - there has been a lot of fuss here recently over MMR (measels Mumps Rubella triple jab for kids) - people want to have single jabs for their kids. They won’t give them anymore apparently and many people would prefer single jabs instead of the combined. Anyway so I assumed that was the same with the Tetanus and said “oh ok” and had the jab.

So she says to wait outside for 10 minutes to ensure all is ok. I start throwing up - it seems I’m allergic to the preservative in the jab. So I spend the next few hours in ER getting that sorted with more jabs to stop the reaction. I get back to mums in the afternoon and sit down feeling very sorry for myself. At 10pm my head suddenly exploded - I felt like someone had just driven over me with a truck. I went up got into one of her spare beds and have been there ever since - I had the jab on Tuesday morning.

I’ve had a high fever which has just broken (it broke around 11am this morning - its now 3pm) and I’ve been driven home to feed the cat (poor girl left all on her own) and am about to go back up to mums to sleep the rest of this fever off. I was also told in ER that I could have just had the tetanus since thats all I needed grrr I’ve no idea why I wasn’t offered just tetanus but I’ll know now for next time - never ever ever going to want to go through this again!

So be warned, if you need a tetanus jab have it don’t have anything else with it!

With luck I’ll be back on my feet tomorrow and able to catch up with whats been going on here for the past week or so!

I am sorry :frowning:
Hope you feel better soon.

get well soon!

YUCK!! I so hope that you are feeling better soon…I’ll be praying for you.

Oh man, that’s terrible. What a super drag for you. Hope you are feeling better soon. I never ever have any shots, I don’t trust them.

Hey, you are in London? That used to be my favorite place to visit. I miss it so much!

Victoria in New York

I got very sick once after having a tetanus shot too. :frowning:

Hope you feel better soon!

Hope you feel better soon! :hug:

That’s awful. The meds that are supposed to protect you knocked you for a loop.

Feel better soon! :hug:

Oh hon, I hope you feel better soon.

:pout: can you still knit in bed???

Feel better soon! :hug:

I hope you are feeling better soon! I will send good thoughts your way! :pray:

Can you believe I didn’t even want to knit. I couldn’t even look at my knitting let alone continue reading the wonderful Yarn Harlot book Christy sent me. Today, I am feeling 100,000,000 times better than I was yesterday but I am still not great. Today I have come into work. No not really because I felt it was my duty to come into work while still feeling like something my cat coughed up, but because on Tuesday and Wednesday, some boxes were delivered which contain my spinning wheel :rofling: You’ll be glad to know that I have my (wollen) priorities straight :wink: Stuff work I’m here to collect my wheel - give me an hour or two and I’ll go home early =D